Report: Fox News’ Janice Dean may run against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2022

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has decimated the lives of millions of Americans, the economy, and the healthcare system in the US. It’s also exposed the incompetent leadership of a number of Democrat politicians.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is one such Democrat politician who displayed malicious incompetence in his COVID-19 approach. Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean experienced that cruelty firsthand and is now rumored to be exploring the possibility of replacing Cuomo as governor in 2022. 

A bone to pick

Though Dean is not typically a participant in the political world, her family’s experience at the mercy of Cuomo’s disastrous dictates has made her one of the governor’s fiercest — and most outspoken — critics.

Dean’s foray into the political world was prompted by the loss of her parents-in-law, who passed away in March in a New York nursing home that had been forced to accept coronavirus patients by one of Cuomo’s executive orders.

Dean has been on the warpath against Cuomo ever since — and rightly so — because Cuomo is directly responsible for ordering thousands of COVID-19 patients into facilities housing the most vulnerable individuals to the deadly disease.

Cuomo still has not been held accountable for his actions by the media or the judicial system, and instead enjoys endless praise and adulation for his supposedly heroic handling of the worst COVID outbreak in the nation.

Dean has made it her mission to publically hold Cuomo accountable, despite pushback from the media and Cuomo’s team. Now, she’s indicated that she’s open to taking her opposition to the next step.

Dean 2022?

New York’s GOP is already floating a potential run for Dean against Cuomo, with Republican Party chairman Nick Langworthy declaring:

Someone like Janice Dean would be an absolute nightmare for Andrew Cuomo. She’s intelligent, accomplished has a national profile and she’s fearless. We will be conducting a widespread search to select the best candidate to take him on and Janice would unquestionably be a welcome addition.

When asked about a potential campaign against Cuomo in the upcoming 2022 election last week, Dean left the door open to the possibility. Speaking with the New York Post on Friday, Dean said she’s “still in contract with Fox News,” but “you never say never in this life, right? And many people have gotten into government because something personal has happened to them.”

On Thursday, Dean called Cuomo out via Twitter, challenging him to “a town hall with the grieving families who’d like to ask a few questions. Let’s see who’s #newyorktough.”

Later the same day while speaking to state GOP activists and donors, she attacked Cuomo again, saying, “It looks like the guy just wants to be a celebrity. He doesn’t want to be a governor. He wants to hang out with his buddies Bobby De Niro [and] Billy Crystal. Governor, if you want to be a celebrity by all means. Go to Hollywood and let somebody else take over.”

For now, Dean is keeping her plans vague but certainly has not dismissed the notion of challenging Cuomo. Dean told the Post last week:

I was beyond flattered and a bit surprised when Chairman Langworthy brought up a possible run for Governor someday. While I am not afraid of Mr. Cuomo and would love the chance to challenge his deadly policies that helped kill thousands of seniors, for now I am grateful for my job at FOX News as their senior meteorologist.

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21 Responses

    Someone needs to replace this man. Between the governor and the mayor of NYC there needs to be change. and I don’t mean Andrew Yang.

    1. GO JANICE GO! Weve got your back, he killed purposedly around 12 thousand innocent elderly among 2 in your family! totally INCOMPETENT and INHUMANE! and yet, hes got the audacity to write a book self lauding his deeds.REPU]LSIVE! People like him must be ousted immediately!

    2. There has been a Candidate for the Republican Nomination for New York State Governor since June, 2019. He is Lewis County Sheriff Michael P. Carpinelli, an Iraqi War Veteran, who has fought the use of County funds to enforce Cuomo’s egregious Gun Laws that more than infringe of the Citizens’ Rights to Bear Arms. Sheriff Carpinelli said that he took an Oath when Elected by the County Citizens to uphold the laws of the State, but would refuse to do so, when those laws abridge the Guarantees in the Bill of Rights, to the U.S. Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land. This is what is needed by the Republicans; a real man, with iron in his spine, who, as a Soldier, fought for our Country in the Iraqi deserts, protecting those very freedoms. I am happy that the FOX Weather girl is willing to shine the much needed light on that slime bag, Cuomo, and how he craps all over the Citizens of the State in Suburban, and rural areas, all of whom cannot stand him. But, he can always count on the brain-dead population of those stinking Five Boroughs to vote for the maggot. Those people must love abuse. Instead, we have been cultivating those real American Patriots that are fed up with Cuomo and his Circus in Albany, and want a real change, by someone who has faced greater dangers in his time than a lunatic Liberal from Brooklyn, or some Antifa scum from Yonkers, by going to Small Business Owners, Chambers of Commerce, and Camping, Fishing, and Hunting Stores to spread the word of this Unique Candidate, Sheriff Carpinelli. They loved what they heard, and are excited about his Candidacy. Let’s get behind Sheriff Carpinelli, and show him that we have his back, and will help him take the fight all the way to the Governor’s Mansion in Albany.

  2. Cuomo is a self lover, he is not a man to be the Governor of New York State!
    He gets his power from the host of Democrats in NEW YORK CITY. (The cesspool of this great state!!!

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  4. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Mr. Cuomo caught the corona virus with a terminal result. Couldn’t happen to someone more deserving of it….

    1. But after he gets corona I want him to spend some time in a nursing home as a patient like he forced other corona patients to do & I want him to donate all the money he made from his book to the families of the people who died in the nursing homes due to corona. Then let the virus give him hell!

  5. Dean will at least have the Senior Vote and it would be sad if New York lost the Mayor as well, tic.
    Maybe Newsom and Scharzenegger will give Cuomo advice on handling a State with their stellar record.
    Don’t worry Andrew, CNN has an opening for you working with Bro and a Lemon.

  6. Yes, definitely need a new leader who will work for the people, promote and secure each citizen ‘s constitutional rights . The elected official gets salary from taxpayers , who expect you to do your job morally /rightful for the people you govern, not for own self interst.. Time to go Mr Cuomo , take your worthless mayor . you both are bad for those people , you both are for your self interst only


  8. Anyone named Cuomo should be removed from all forms of Government & Media they lie hypocritical psycos who support twitter /child molester site . Trump won we all know it dominion/dems cheated its a fact ! If not true turn over all the pre printed ballots,and un scrubbed machines prove it wrong you can’t ?

  9. I agree with everyone and I think it’s a great idea to have Janice go against Cuomo. Remove him from his thrown and remove his jester (DeBlasio) too!
    They both need to GO!!! They have ruined New York.

  10. Will someone start a petition to force Biden to close the border.
    Will someone start a petition to force Biden to finish the border wall.
    Will someone start a petition to stop Biden from giving [email protected]@re to [email protected]
    Will someone start a petition to force Biden to reinstall the XL pipeline.
    Will someone start a petition to force term limits on all congressmen.
    Will someone start a petition to remove immunity for congressmen.
    Will someone start a petition to pardon president Trump.
    Will someone start a petition to impeach Pelosi, Schumer.

  11. Texas need to institute its own immigration policy, just as California’s Newson does. Besides with all these states making their own elect laws, I think we should make our own immigration laws. The Supreme Court isn’t going to do any thing any, cause it doesn’t have any standing.

  12. Finally, New Yorkers realize what an abominable failure Cuomo is. He instantly became one of tv’s talking heads, even winning an Emmy for his efforts. Successful on tv, not so successful regarding the actual Corona virus pandemic. There, his political instincts ruled him. His overriding concern was to make Trump look bad. Regarding the nursing homes, his behavior makes no sense. Many thousands of people died. Why? Unless he viewed this virus situation as a chance to apply euthanasia. He’s so delusional that he might even had thought he was doing those people a favor.

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