January 6 committee members says Mike Pence may be forced to appeared

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that the House January 6 committee is expected to hold at least one hearing in September.

One person who may appear before it is former Vice President Mike Pence. However, one of the committee members recently suggested that Pence may have to is testify whether he wants to or not. 

Rep. Jamie Raskin says forcing Pence to appear is not “out of the question”

According to the Washington Examiner, that was the position Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin took during an interview this past Sunday on CBS News’s “Face the Nation.”

“In no one’s case is a subpoena out of the question, but I would assume he’s gonna come forward and testify voluntarily, the way the vast majority of people have,” the Democratic lawmaker insisted.

The Examiner noted that for his part, the former vice president has remained opaque regarding whether or not he is planning to testify on his own volition.

“[In] the Constitution, we have three coequal branches. Any invitation to be directed to me — I would have to reflect on the unique role that I was serving as vice president,” the paper quoted him as saying during a trip to New Hampshire last month.

“I don’t want to prejudge. If [there was] ever any formal invitation rendered to us, we would give it due consideration,” he added.

Raskin says wife of Supreme Court Justice “has a relevant testimony to render”

Pence is not the only high-profile name that has been mentioned as a possible witness, as the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has also come up.

The Examiner noted that Raskin also expressed a desire to hear from Ginni Thomas when he appeared on “Face the Nation” this past weekend.

“Speaking as one member and only as one member, I would say she has a relevant testimony to render,” Raskin told host Major Garrett.

“And she should come forward and give it,” he insisted. “I don’t want to overstate her role. We’ve talked to more than 1,000 people. But we’d like to hear from [Newt] Gingrich, and we’d like to hear from her, too.”