January 6 Trump lawyer email leak blamed on Dropbox mishap

A mishap with Dropbox is responsible for a batch of emails about January 6 that stated Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was key to overturning the 2020 election being leaked to the media.

Trump lawyer John Eastman shared the Dropbox link with the January 6 committee under protest but asked them not to open the emails because he was in the process of appealing the order.

Lawyers from the committee included the link in a subsequent court filing, apparently not realizing it would be available to the public, at least according to a letter from House General Counsel Douglas Letter.

“We were not aware that the links in Dr. Eastman’s email remained active, and had no intention to provide this type of public access to the materials at this stage. Providing public access to this material at this point was purely inadvertent on our part,” Letter wrote in a letter to the court.

The emails

Both Eastman and Kenneth Chesebro reportedly theorized in the emails that Thomas was their best shot at overturning the 2020 election.

“We want to frame things so that Thomas could be the one to issue some sort of stay or other circuit justice opinion saying Georgia is in legitimate doubt,” Chesebro said in one email.

“I think I agree with this,” Eastman replied.

Then Chesebro got even more explicit.

“If we can just get this case pending before the Supreme Court by Jan. 5, ideally with something positive written by a judge or justice, hopefully Thomas, I think it’s our best shot at holding up the count of a state in Congress,” Chesebro said.

What did Trump want?

No doubt, the powers-that-be on the left will seize on these emails to claim that Trump wanted to “steal” the election, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

But from another perspective, most Republicans at the time of those emails believed that Democrats had cheated and stolen the election from Trump, whom they saw as the rightful winner.

They wanted what all Americans should want–for the actual winner of the election to be president. It’s what Trump wanted, too.

It just took a while to realize that Trump actually did lose the election, even if it took Big Tech collusion and censorship to accomplish it.