Judge Jeanine: Biden’s basement campaign is ‘an insult to the American people’

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has spent much of the spring and summer campaigning from the seclusion of his home in Delaware.

While that decision has been excused on the basis of concerns over coronavirus, critics contend that Biden is attempting to hide from the tough issues, and chief among them is Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro.

During a recent episode of her television program, the former New York state judge described Biden’s approach as “an insult to the American people.”

Pirro: Biden “scared of his own shadow”

“The man who wants to run this country who is watching the same videos that you are calls these rioters and looters, peaceful protesters, asserting that they have a First Amendment right to assemble,” Breitbart quoted her as saying on Saturday night.

“Let me tell you, most of them are anything, but peaceful. They are violent anarchists, criminals, arsonists, looters, haters,” Pirro continued.

She went on to detail examples of rioting in major cities, along with the way that Democratic politicians have either ignored or even enabled the chaos.

“Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, the site of almost 60 consecutive nights of shocking unrest and violence stood proudly with the protesters surrounded, of course, by his five security guards, announcing Federal law and the U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply in our city,” Pirro asserted.

Lesson in contrasts

Pirro contrasted that behavior with the Trump administration’s launch of Operation Legend, a federal initiative named for a 4-year-old murder victim that is designed to crack down on urban violence.

“This is a surge of Federal law enforcement officers already in American communities plagued by violent crime. In cities like Chicago, over 400 people were murdered so far this year. Fifty percent increase over last year, 2,000 people shot so far this year in one city,” she explained.

Pirro continued by rhetorically asking and answering, “So what is the man running for president opposite Donald Trump doing during all of this? Bunker Joe is hunkered down in his basement, scared of his own shadow, afraid to come out, only willing to speak from a script and certainly not willing to answer any questions.”

“Hiding, leading a campaign of lies to promote his candidacy, but never allowing anyone to question him,” she alleged. “No surprise, it doesn’t appear the man has the capacity to even respond to questions.”

“Is this what you want to come to your city on a sweet summer night in America?” the popular host wanted to know. “If not, get ready to fight for the America you love. Because it’s going to take a fight to keep it.”

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