Judge Jeanine vows to ‘march on Washington’ if Democrats pursue impeachment again

In the wake of the conclusion of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump with an acquittal on both articles, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro joined her colleague Tucker Carlson on his program on Wednesday to discuss what had occurred and what could be expected going forward.

Pirro ripped into the Democrats who’d incessantly pushed the impeachment nonsense, particularly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and vowed to join in a “march on Washington” if the Democrats dared to try and impeach President Trump again.

Impeachment will backfire on Democrats

The Fox weekend star expressed her outrage at how, at virtually every step of the way, Democrats had worked to deny President Trump his basic fundamental rights throughout the impeachment, particularly his right to due process and to confront his accusers.

Pirro argued that, once all was said and done, the impeachment would be to “the detriment of Democrats, and I envision — you know, I hope I’m right — a House that is Republican.”

“People are so fed up with these Democrats who want to impeach, impeach, impeach” ever since Trump first entered the political arena in 2015, she explained. “Who do these Democrats think they are? They are so transparently transparent,” Pirro continued and argued that Democrats were solely interested in power and not providing for or serving the American people.

“And you know what, if they say ‘impeach’ again, there’s gonna be a march on Washington and I’m gonna march this time,” she added.

Pelosi the ripper

The conversation then shifted to the petty display put on by Pelosi during Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, when she deliberately ripped up her copy of President Trump’s speech immediately after he had finished delivering it to the joint session of Congress and the American people.

Needless to say, Pirro was not impressed by Pelosi’s “bizarre behavior” and sarcastically pointed out the contrast between how she acted during Trump’s speech to her oft-repeated claims of being “prayerful” and doing this “solemnly” and in a “bipartisan” fashion.

“She’s a liar,” Pirro said. “And she was reading and distracting last night behind the president. I kept waiting for her to jump up and say ‘he missed a word, impeach him.'” She went on to argue that Pelosi “doesn’t respect” any of the individuals highlighted by the president in his speech, not to mention the “hallowed” traditions of Congress or the American people.

Pirro predicts this is Pelosi’s “last term as Speaker”

“This is a game. It’s a shell game. Nancy Pelosi is the queen of the shell game. And this is going to be her last term as Speaker. She has lost it. And, do you know what? She deserves it because she is smarter than to buckle to AOC, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of that crew,” Pirro concluded with a reference to the far-left progressive “squad” that seems to be driving the Democrat agenda more and more.

Judge Jeanine held nothing back as she slammed the Democrats and Speaker Pelosi for their incessant obsession with impeaching President Trump to the exclusion of virtually everything else, and she was absolutely justified in doing so, and then some.

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