Judge Jeanine slams media for hyping coronavirus to harm Trump

As the new coronavirus, dubbed COVID-19, spreads in the U.S., it’s understandably scary. But what’s even scarier is how quickly President Donald Trump’s political enemies are seizing the opportunity to weaponize the outbreak against his administration.

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro is outraged about it and slammed the media’s “Doomsday reporting” on Saturday. “If you’ve ever had a question whether the mainstream media distorts, whips up, throws things out of focus, or has an agenda — especially when it comes to the Trump administration — look no further than coronavirus,” she said.

Media hypes coronavirus

“If you listen to the mainstream media, it’s time to buy the family burial plot, visit the cemetery, where the dirt is definitely cleaner than your kitchen counter or your bathroom handles.” Pirro said in the “Opening Statement” segment of her Justice program, as transcribed by Breitbart. Watch:

She proceeded to play a few clips of mainstream media personalities fear-mongering over the spreading disease while blaming the outbreak on President Trump and his administration.

“So what’s the downside of their Doomsday reporting? The downside is predictable,” Pirro said. “When people are scared, when people think it’s just a question of time before they start dropping like flies, they go into survival mode.”

“They don’t spend money. The economy suffers. They don’t invest. The market suffers,” she explained. “They talk about taking their children out of school, education suffers. They talk about canceling March Madness, Coachella, and local businesses suffer. And canceling airlines and cruise ship reservations, the economy suffers. They go into depression mode because their quality of life is over.”

Media cheers economic downturn

The Fox host also took note of how some in the media seemed to gleefully cheer on the recent downturn of the stock markets — a sell-off largely fueled by the media’s fear-mongering. “Where were you when the Dow closed at a record high more than 100 times since Donald Trump’s election?” she asked.

She also took on those in the media who complain that President Trump hasn’t done enough to confront the disease and listed off a number of moves Trump had made to blunt the impact of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Those measures include a travel ban against visitors from China that was imposed in late January, as well as mandatory quarantines for American travelers who visited nations where the virus was present, not to mention his rapid assembly of a special coronavirus task force, headed up by Vice President Mike Pence and staffed with top medical experts, among other things like encouraging development of a vaccine and ensuring test kits were made available.

“Wash your hands”

“It’s a virus, like the flu. It actually can be mistaken for the flu, a sore throat, a cough, a fever. And by the way, it is flu season,” Pirro pointed out, noting that the virus poses little risk to healthy adults and children and mostly endangers the elderly and those with certain underlying health issues.

“You say, but people are dying. Sadly, that’s true. And not only are condolences in order, but we owe it to their families and all Americans to come up with a vaccine,” Pirro said. “Like the flu, tests for coronavirus are now being made available to every state lab. Clinical trials will begin within five weeks for the vaccine.”

“Stop panicking, fear-mongering, hiding under your bed, and freaking out,” Pirro urged in conclusion. “And wash your damn hands, wash them and then wash them again.”

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