Jesse Watters claims Biden making Democratic Party ‘toxic’ for Dem voters

President Joe Biden’s recent decline in the polls is being savored by the right, with some seeing signs of trouble for Democrats heading into the midterms next year.

Biden is making the Democratic party brand “toxic” even in the eyes of devoted Democrats, who are increasingly embarrassed to call themselves “Biden voters,” Jesse Watters claimed on Fox News’ The Five.

“Biden voters” vanishing

Watters said that, from personal experience, people he knows who vote Democrat are growing reluctant to defend Biden over his many failures.

“My friends and family who are Democrats, they don’t defend Biden,” he said. “No one’s a Biden voter, it’s like being a Carter voter. It has a stench that’s wafting around from it.”

Comparing Biden to Jimmy Carter, Watters predicted that, by the midterms next year, Biden will be so “toxic” in swing states that Democrats will distance themselves from him.

Recent polls show that more voters disapprove of Biden than approve of him, and this trend is pronounced in swing states. Just 31% of people in Iowa approve of Biden, one poll found, according to Yahoo News.

The hosts of The Five agreed that voters are growing disillusioned with Biden, who is governing as a strident leftist despite promising to govern with moderation and competence. For example, Biden is pushing a $3.5 trillion spending bill that he wants to pass unilaterally.

A grim future

Greg Gutfeld pointed out that Biden’s approval rating was at its most robust when he was “in hiding,” before he took over the reins of the presidency. As voters realize what Biden is capable of (and isn’t), they’re turning away. “Nobody’s buying ‘moderate Joe'” anymore, Gutfeld said.

Indeed, it was much easier for Biden when he was in his basement attacking former President Donald Trump from the sidelines. Now that Biden’s in charge, he’s failing.

Consumer goods are more expensive, crime is up in America’s cities, and the southern border is out of control.

While Biden did put an end to a 20-year war, the chaotic evacuation from Afghanistan was a painful and humiliating finish to the failed U.S. occupation.

If Democrats are embarrassed about Biden, it’s not hard to see why: the man is in visible decline, and on his watch, so is the country.

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