Jesse Watters lacerates Lindsey Graham over 15-week abortion ban

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that there’s “no bad time to defend the unborn” during a tense Fox News interview in which he was grilled over his recent proposal to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks.

Host Jesse Watters said that Republicans are “very angry” with Graham, who unveiled the bill on the same day that the Biden administration received some bruising economic news.

Graham grilled over 15-week abortion ban

Most Republicans in Congress have dismissed Graham’s policy as a gift to Democrats as Republicans seek to focus their midterm campaign messaging on the economy. Some have accused Graham of willful sabotage.

Watters suggested that Graham had softened the blow for Democrats of a report Tuesday that inflation had gone up again in August. The report sent the stock market crashing as Biden and his allies held an event celebrating Biden’s economy.

“Why did you do it on that day? Not great timing. Don’t you see that?” Watters said.

In his defense, Graham said that there is never a bad time to stand up for the unborn and that Republicans have nothing to lose by going on offense against the Democratic party’s radical policy of unlimited abortion-on-demand.

“I’m proudly pro-life and I have no apology for being pro-life. And there’s no bad time to defend the unborn,” he said.

Graham: Republicans need to go on offense

Polls show that most Americans would support Graham’s bill, which bans abortion at 15 weeks with exceptions for rape, incest, and saving the mother’s life. Watters conceded that many agree with Graham’s policy, but Watters insisted that Graham chose the wrong time to bring it up.

“Yesterday was the day they lost all momentum when this inflation thing punched them right in the face and you gave them an out. A lot of people don’t like that,” Watters said.

Graham disagreed, saying, “we need to go on the offensive here” against Democrats who are pushing to legalize abortion until the moment of birth.

He said that most Americans are with him and that he can “stand the heat” over his “civilized” ban, which he said brings America’s laws closer to those of other Western countries.

“Most Americans would be disgusted with a policy that allows the dismemberment of a baby at 15 weeks,” Graham said.