First Lady Jill Biden fumbles when attempting to speak Spanish during California visit

Throughout his political career, and especially during the 2020 campaign season, President Joe Biden faced criticism for his gaffes and bungled pronunciations.

As his wife Jill Biden recently demonstrated, however, her husband is not the only one in the first family prone to botched public remarks.

“In the course of three months”

In an effort to speak Spanish during a recent visit to a vaccination site in California, Jill Biden’s “Si se puede” — which in English means “Yes we can” — came out more like, “Si se pwadueh.” According to the Daily Wire, the nonsensical sound quickly spread far and wide on social media.

As one online critic remarked: “It’s wild that in the course of three months we went from a supermodel First Lady who spoke five languages, to fake Dr. Pwadway.”

Something unrelated to the first lady’s remarks also drew attention during her appearance: according to the Daily Wire, in the background was a flag that some viewers believed contained Nazi imagery.

The design is actually the symbol used by the United Farm Workers of America. That organization states that the eagle featured on the banner was designed by Richard Chavez, the brother of union activist Cesar Chavez.

“Powerful truths”

For his part, the president recently highlighted Cesar Chavez in a White House proclamation.

Earlier this week, he noted: “I was proud to place a bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office, so that no one who enters that historic room may forget the powerful truths his farmworker hands imparted.”

Jill Biden has now experienced her first notable faux pas since her husband was inaugurated. The president, on the other hand, continues to face significant scrutiny based on his verbal gaffes and physical behavior.

Making matters worse, Joe Biden remains largely sheltered in the White House, with his administration noting that neither he nor Vice President Kamala Harris has any immediate plans to visit the U.S.–Mexico border amid a worsening immigration crisis, Newsweek notes.

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel addressed the issue in a tweet this week, writing: “When will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris visit the border to see the crisis they are creating? The administration keeps saying there is no planned trip, and when Harris was asked she laughed.”

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9 Responses

  1. Already time to remove the BIDEN Administration from the WH for dereliction of duty to the American people!

    1. No this not dereliction of duty this is TREASON. Plain and simple. He has done everything he can to undo the protections put in place to PROTECT the citizens of this country. Treason means to not act on behalf of it’s citizens. He has done the exact opposite.

  2. If the GOP can win the house and senate, it will be time to start impeachment proceedings, and don;t let up like they did to trump, the real president.

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  4. Jill Biden should stay away from China Joe Biden he must be contagious she’s probably infected wit du stupids who worries about COVID-19 we got the stupids virus going now DC is totally infected I think it started with AOC and Nancy Pislosi Chuckies gots it to

  5. The dems are already planning on how to cheat in 2022 and since they are pros at election cheating, I don’t see the GOP becoming the majority in Congress.

  6. WOW! That is quite a crowd she got….there must be at least a dozen sheep listening to this illegitimate 1st Lady.

  7. She should be ashamed of herself for not checking her pronunciation before she opened her big foolish mouth. Dr. of education BS.

  8. Who is paying for these trips of Jill Biden????. . Did congress hire her.????
    I know the American citizens did not, . Why is the White House wasting the American citizens money ???? Are the Biden/Harris not wasting enough with the disaster the Biden/Harris have caused on our Southern Border????.

    It is the USA government who are suppose to protect the American citizens
    Has the USA government forgotten our Northern borders???? . Where the Illegal foreign nationals are invading into the BLUE STATES with Illegal foreign nationals sneaking in from Africa & the Middle East & Asia
    What the Biden/Harris & the left wing of the congress are turning their back too. Is that all these Invaders are stealing American Jobs,
    The So called refugees who Obama/Biden conned the congress & the American citizens allowing the so called refugees in the USA under false pretenses who are most lightly being hired & hiding these Invaders.
    Look at those who were born on foreign soil that the congress of the USA have allowed into the government.
    That must be stopped. Only natural born American citizens, Who were born of at least one natural born American citizen should ever be allowed to run for any government office
    Think about it. Those who are causing trouble in the USA are not naturals born citizens Nor were their parents

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