Jill Biden makes a stop in Ohio, without the president

 October 15, 2023

First Lady Jill Biden recently made a stop in Ohio without President Joe Biden. 

10 WBNS reports:

First lady Jill Biden visited Columbus for the second time in three months Friday to focus on the workforce of tomorrow and to take part in a roundtable at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center.

This comes after President Biden, back in May, named Columbus a Workforce Hub, which is a Biden administration initiative that looks to train the so-called workforce of tomorrow in light of the fact that major employers are moving to Columbus.

The First Lady's trip was covered by multiple outlets.

The details

It just so happens that Friday was World Egg Day. And, so, the First Lady began her Ohio visit in Raymond with a tour of Outward Farms, a third-generation, family-owned egg farm.

Later on in the day, the first lady toured the Construction Arts and Auto Technology Building on the Fort Hayes Campus. There, she observed the types of skills that are being taught to students in view of Columbus being a Workforce Hub.

Afterward, Biden held a roundtable with the school's principle as well as with high school and college students.

Just before the roundtable, she told students:

I'm here to tell you that there just isn't one pathway to success; there are so many good options. You may start on one path and then you may finish on another. So, you know, it's not easy to figure out your life at 19 years old. I mean, I know I hadn't.

This appears to have been the extent of the first lady's visit to Ohio.


Jill Biden, as of late, has been making a number of stops around the country without her husband, President Joe Biden. Last week, for example, she made stops in New York and Wisconsin.

During these trips, the first lady promotes the Biden administration. In fact, it looks as though the first lady is campaigning for her husband without her husband.

President Biden does claim that he is running for reelection. But, we have not seen him on the campaign trail. This contrasts starkly with Biden's likely 2024 rival - former President Donald Trump - who has been campaigning continuously all over the country.

Much speculation has arisen about why it is that Biden is not campaigning more. Some suggest that it is because he does not really intend to seek reelection in 2024. Others suggest that it is because he is just too old.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that the First Lady, with these trips, is picking up some of the slack.

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