Jill Biden slammed for what she told Biden donors in pre-debate meetup

 June 30, 2024

First Lady Jill Biden is facing significant criticism over a pre-debate meetup that she had, without President Joe Biden, prior to the recently held presidential debate. 

The criticism, according to Fox News, is not for the meetup itself, but, rather, for what she told Biden donors during that meetup.

What she told them, according to the outlet, is that "Joe's ready to go."

Anybody who watched the debate or read about it knows that this was very, very far from the truth.

The off-the-record meetup

It was Time magazine that exposed this meetup that the First Lady had with Biden donors literally moments before the debate.

The magazine reported:

As President Joe Biden was going over his final notes with his inner circle and getting ready to debate Donald Trump on June 27 in Atlanta, his wife slipped into a nearby meeting of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors. The Biden Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee’s financial bigwigs had all assembled in the Ritz Carlton as part of a two-day political briefing that featured emotional pep talks and face-time with VIPs. "Joe’s ready to go," Dr. Biden told the group. "He’s prepared."

Here, Time added, "Fact check: false," indicating that, no, the president was clearly not ready to go.

The First Lady, however, did not stop there. After her husband's poor debate performance, she praised him for doing "such a great job" and for answering "every question."

Jill Biden also said that she will not allow this one debate to outweigh all the "good" that Biden has done during his presidency.

Why the lies?

This, of course, is the big question - Why did the First Lady tell donors that Biden was ready for the debate when he clearly was not?

We do not know the answer for sure, but there certainly has been a fair share of speculation. For example, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested this: "Joe Biden is going to be the nominee. Joe Biden is not going to give it up. Why? Because Jill does not want to give it up either."

McConnell is far from the only person to suggest that it is Jill Biden who has pushed her husband to become president - despite his health condition - and that it is Jill Biden who is forcing him to run for reelection. As for why she is doing this, some claim it is because she likes the power that comes with the job.

Whatever the case may be, Jill Biden and others are now facing serious criticism for misleading Americans about Biden's true condition.

Longtime Democrat Donor Bill Ackman, for example, wrote:

A favored technique of some of the most evil leaders in history was to mislead the people by constantly repeating the Big Lie. The Big Lie is so audacious that people accept it as truth because it is repeated so often that how can it be that something so important and material could be an outright falsehood? In this case the Big Lie was our president’s fitness for office, let alone a second term.

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