Jill Biden taking control of White House to protect husband: report

A new report said Tuesday that First Lady Jill Biden has had an outsized role in the White House for some time now, and all because she wants to protect her husband.

A witness source who spoke anonymously to the New York Times said that the first lady has a large amount of influence over the presidency, vetting staff and officials and limiting the length of press conferences.

Biden apparently lost her temper with staffers in January after they let a press conference go on for two hours, leading one reporter to ask the president his reaction to Americans questioning his mental acuity.

She is now the most requested surrogate in his administration, according to the reports. She often appears on the campaign trail sans her husband.

“Less polarizing”

“She does not offend people in a way that a president can because she’s much less polarizing and political,”  her former press secretary and communications strategist Michael LaRosa said. “It’s why she was sent all over rural Iowa and New Hampshire during the campaign and why she can go places now that the president can’t.”

While she may be more popular than the president right now, she got booed on Sunday when she showed up at a Philadelphia Eagles game.

Of course, she tried to pretend it didn’t happen, and just tweeted how “special” it was for her to be in Philly.

Maybe voters are catching on to the situation and are beginning to transfer blame to her.

Booing censored

It was also hard if not impossible to find any video of the booing, proof that Twitter censors were hard at work.

Hurry up, Elon! Make things right at Twitter so these people can be exposed for who and what they are, and so we don’t lose whatever of our republic we have left.