Jill Biden widely mocked for failed effort to address crowd in Spanish: ‘Si se what?’

First Lady Jill Biden visited a vaccination site in California this week, but her trip was somewhat overshadowed by a flubbed attempt to address a crowd in Spanish — and it was all caught on tape.

As the Washington Examiner noted, Biden’s apparent effort to pander to the Latino community backfired with countless social media users mocking her poor pronunciation.

“I can’t even imagine”

In the footage, the first lady can be seen standing in front of an emblem used by the United Farm Workers Union as she tried and failed to say, “Si se puede,” which translates to, “Yes you can.”

Not surprisingly, many of her critics were prominent members of the GOP, including Republican Governors Association communications director Joanna Rodriguez.

“It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes you/we can) not ‘Si se pwadueh,'” she tweeted. “I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say. Seriously, why even try pandering if you’re going to butcher it and not practice before?!”

Rodriguez’s remark was echoed by many others on Twitter, like journalist Dania Alexandrino, who wrote: “Si se what???? I’m sure [someone] will surely tell Jill Biden ‘puadray’ is NOT a word in the Spanish dictionary.”

The former CNN reporter went on to call out “those who are celebrating” the first lady’s “effort,” declaring that Biden’s attempt was “very far” from the accurate pronunciation.

“Nothing to do with Nazism”

Biden’s appearance was criticized for more than her botched Spanish remarks. As the Daily Caller’s Greg Price observed, the eagle on the UFW logo seen behind her bore a vague similarity to an emblem used by the Nazi party.

“For all intents and purposes, the flag behind Jill Biden is a UFW flag and has nothing to do with Nazism, but I’m sure somebody in the media would have made it a story if it were [former first lady] Melania [Trump],” he tweeted.

To bolster his argument, Price juxtaposed an image of Biden in front of the flag with a USA Today article suggesting that a Trump campaign shirt featured an eagle similar to “a Nazi symbol.”

An image of labor leader Cesar Chavez could also be seen on the podium from which Biden offered her remarks.

His inclusion could be seen as a curious choice given his fierce opposition to illegal immigration, especially in light of the Biden administration’s controversially lax border policies.

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11 Responses

  1. Oh no, is she following in the same vein as her husband? If you don’t know a language, don’t fake it. It is upsetting to the ones who know it so fluidly. You are disgracing their native language.

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  3. The country needs to know they need to learn English , Foreign Nationals who come to the USA need to know they have to learn the English language, if they are in their own state town country, it is okay to speak their own language & in their own home . But no ethnicity owns the USA American / the English language is the official language & should always be. Respect for the USA should never be thrown in the trash , it always should e a top priority .

  4. She is NOT Black, She is NOT Asian, she is NOT native American, she IS an aduterer, she IS a documented prostitute.

  5. Spanish is not the same in all spanish countries. One word in particular I learned means pretty little girl, but in another spanish nation it means something totally disgusting. I know a bit of spanish and will not say anything in spanish around men or someone I do not know because of what the same word might . I stick to means in different areas. Si, no and no comprende. Safer that way. And the acting first Lady should do same.

  6. One thing that nobody is talking about is that the large number of children that are comin into the country would not be allowed into most school systems because they do not have the necessary medical shots that is required by most school systems. I just the DEMS don’t give a dam about the American children .The DEMS seem to be only thinking about themselves to et reelected and control the rest of the population.Robert

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