‘Fake news!’ CNN’s Jim Acosta receives derisive reception from CPAC crowd

While former President Donald Trump frequently spoke out against the mainstream media, it was clear that CNN’s Jim Acosta was among the top contenders for the most antagonistic reporters covering the White House.

As evidenced by the rude welcome Acosta received during this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, it appears that Trump’s supporters have not forgotten the journalist’s obvious disdain toward the 45th president.

Crowd joins in taunting Acosta

When Acosta showed up at the event in Florida, he was greeted with disdain, including chants of “CNN sucks” and other remarks often employed by hecklers at Trump rallies in the past.

It is unclear why Acosta was assigned to cover the conference, but a crowd of attendees quickly let him know that he was not held in high esteem by those gathered to hear from the nation’s most prominent conservatives — including Trump.

Almost as soon as a crowd recognized him, Acosta was surrounded by critics who peppered him with shouts of “fake news” and other taunts.

At one point, a reporter for The Federalist interrupted Acosta while he was conducting an interview, peppering him with a series of questions about CNN’s apparent selective coverage of major news stories.

Reporter presses him on CNN coverage

David Marcus interjected himself into Acosta’s interview to ask why his network had been largely silent in regard to the mounting scandals involving Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

While Acosta insisted that CNN had covered the scandals and then attempted to ignore further questions on the matter, Marcus did not relent, reminding him of reports that Cuomo covered up the true COVID-19 death toll among the state’s nursing home population as well as recent sexual harassment allegations.

Indeed, Fox News cited reports that show CNN devoted less than two minutes total — during daytime news coverage as opposed to primetime shows — in recent days to covering the newest accusations against Cuomo. Furthermore, nearly all of that time was devoted to the governor’s denial of the claims.

For his part, Acosta has earned a reputation as a hopelessly biased reporter working for a left-leaning news outlet. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that he was met with derision and contempt when he showed up to cover CPAC this year.

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11 Responses

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  2. Simply a useful diversion tactic from CNN. Having zero scruples and even less integrity, having him attend is akin to wrestling with a pig, where you both get dirty and the pig likes it!!

  3. I believe that President Trump was badly criticized by some Newspeople I feel that Really didn’t personally by Kim and should not have let their feelings go forward in a newscast
    IThink as a reporter they should verify the stories and report the truth to the public and I really feel that CNN has let us down

  4. Where there’s no self respect, there’s no respect for others.
    Acosta is a pretty poor individual who cannot escape his hate for others.
    He is not one that draws many to him, but turns others away from him because of who he is and the hate that eminates from his person. He’s pitiful and his bias controls him because of being just another minion of his master.

  5. Acosta: I use to think he was just evil, but now I believe him to also be stupid.
    Also, I am sure if his parents escaped from Castro’s Cuba, they must be totally disgusted with him.

    Yolanda MartinezWeis

  6. Good! He deserved to be humiliated! He asked for it over and over, time for him to reap what he has seen! Karma is a bi**h isn’t it Jim?

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