Anti-Trump actor Jim Carrey draws fire for ‘unacceptable’ comment to journalist

Actor Jim Carrey is under fire for making what some took to be a sleazy comment to a female journalist.

The Canadian slapstick genius told Heat Magazine’s Charlotte Long that she was on his “bucket list,” Fox News reported. A representative for Carrey said that he was referring to the interview, not Long herself, but Carrey’s remark elicited some disgusted reactions from Twitter users.

“Just you”

Carrey made the comment during a promotional interview for his new movie, “Sonic the Hedgehog,” in which he plays the villain, Dr. Robotnik. When Long asked Carrey if there is anything left on his “bucket list,” he replied, “Just you. That’s it, it’s all done now.”

Surprised, Long laughed and said, “I don’t know what to say to that.”

“Just own it,” Carrey replied. Watch:

“It’s been a long road” Jim Carrey on struggling with fame, bucket lists and $10 million cheques

Our entertainment reporter Charlotte Long interviewed Jim Carrey for his new film, Sonic the Hedgehog. He also opens up about being stopped for selfies, his fame and $10 million cheques. Sonic the Hedgehog, which comes out in cinemas on Friday 14th February. Welcome to heatworld on youtube.

Carrey criticized, defended

Some Twitter users were incensed at Carrey, calling him a “sleazebag” and “unacceptable.”

But others said that the negative response was an example of “outrage culture,” suggesting that Carrey was probably referring to the interview, not Long. Long shared the interview on Twitter but has since set her account to private.

A representative for Carrey dismissed the controversy as a “non-story.” “This is a ridiculous non-story. The full quote was ‘Just you! That’s it, I’m all done now!'” the representative said in a statement. “Jim was clearly referring to the interview as being on his bucket list and was in no way referring to the journalist herself. This is just another example of a clickbait headline pandering to ‘scroll culture.’”

Comedy legend takes a weird turn

The “Dumb and Dumber” actor has attracted headlines in recent years for erratic behavior. The actor sparked concern about his well-being after a 2017 interview in which he waxed existential about the absurdity of life at a red carpet event.

An outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, Carrey has also become known for making grotesque political paintings of the president and his staffers. However, the actor said recently that he’s done attacking the president with his paintbrush and moving on to a new subject: mangoes.

“To me, that was like a time, and it’s been a time, where I just wanted to be the lighthouse that was saying, ‘Hey, stay off the rocks, you’re headed for the rocks,'” he told Yahoo. “We’re still headed for the rocks, but I’ve decided, ‘You understand my message, I don’t need to be steeped in it anymore.’ I think after a while … you get stuck in that kind of stuff.”

Although Carrey is moving on from his Trump art, he’s not finished bashing the commander-in-chief. In an interview with Stephen Colbert last week, he shared his newfound fascination with mangoes and slammed Trump for “trying to take the shining city on the hill and turn it into a Dutch oven.”

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