Joe Biden admits during interview that his son broke federal gun

Fox News reported last week that the Trump-appointed Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss is weighing whether to charge Hunter Biden for lying about being a drug user when he purchases a handgun in 2018.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked about that fact on Tuesday during an interview with President Joe Biden. In response, the president all but admitted that his son is guilty. 

“Our reporting, CNN’s reporting, and The Washington Post reporting suggests that prosecutors think they could — they have enough, to charge your son, Hunter, for tax crimes, and a false statement about a gun purchase,” Tapper said. “Personally and politically, how do you react to that?”

Biden responds

“Well, first of all, I’m proud of my son,” Biden replied. “This is a kid, who got — not a kid, he’s a grown man. And he got hooked on, like many families have had happened, hooked on drugs.”

“He’s overcome that,” Biden continued. “He’s established a new life. He is, I’m confident that he is — what he says, and does, are consistent with what happens.”

“And, for example, he wrote a book about his problems, and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him,” the president insisted.

“He came along and said — by the way, this thing about a gun? I didn’t know anything about it,” Biden continued. “But turns out that when he made application, to purchase a gun, what happened was he said — I guess, you get asked — I don’t guess.”

“You get asked the question, ‘Are you on drugs? You use drugs?’ He said, ‘No.’ And he wrote about saying ‘No,’ in his book,” the president acknowledged.

Biden continues

“So, I have great confidence in my son. I love him. And he’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been, for a couple years now,” Biden concluded. “And I’m just so proud of him.”

Federal law bans drug addicts from possessing firearms, and according to a list of definitions provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Hunter Biden would appear to meet the definition of one.

“A person who uses a controlled substance and has lost the power of self-control with reference to the use of the controlled substance; and any person who is a current user of a controlled substance in a manner other than as prescribed by a licensed physician,” it states.