Biden abruptly ends presser: ‘I’m really going to be in trouble’

President Joe Biden abruptly ended a talk with reporters at the North Lawn on Tuesday, saying he’d “be in trouble” if he didn’t cut the conversation short.

The president was reportedly there to announce newly updated guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the use of face masks outdoors amid COVID-19. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can largely forgo masks outside going forward, except in large crowds.

After taking a few questions on the mask guidance and other issues, Biden uttered his curious words.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Biden said, according to The Daily Wire. “I’m going to — this is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really going to be in trouble.”

“Who is he in trouble with?”

The odd statement led to much discussion from Twitter users who wondered why the president would be “in trouble” for talking to reporters.

According to the Daily Mail, some felt the remark from Biden renewed “suspicions” that “his handlers” were “shielding him from the press.”

“This is the guy in charge?”

Even the former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., took to Twitter to challenge Biden’s leadership following the remarks.

“Are we still pretending this is the guy in charge?” Trump Jr. wrote. “Who will the ‘leader’ of the free world be in trouble with? [Vice President] Kamala [Harris]? [Chinese leader] Xi [Jinping]???”

What’s the deal?

According to the Daily Mail, running off early seems to be something of a growing pattern for President Biden. The outlet reported:

While Biden has been on pace with his predecessors in taking questions from the press in other, more informal formats, he tends to field just one or two inquiries at a time, usually in a hurried setting at the end of an event or in front of a helicopter.

What is Biden hiding from?

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11 Responses


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  4. WOW!
    The Democrats really picked a winner.

    I think my brother would be better than Biden, and he’s dumber than a box
    of rocks.

  5. who is in charge???? Clearly Nance, I knew that at the very moment in a interview When he said Nance I will answer questions if you want me to….whatever you want Nance. The answer is clear . They shut him off with the White house symbol.

  6. can you imagine a president that is so stupid, so demented, so criminal that if he talks to the press he will end up in trouble?

    I hope you democrats are learning a lesson about your voter fraud choices? Clearly Trump was not as bad as biden is. You liberals, Democrats, progressives were brainwashed into this mess.

    Vote republican and you will be happier.

  7. Someone has to do something about this entire administration and all the top Dem’s before we do it ourselves and it needs to be done. There are several groups that are growing that might have to go to war and end these evil people.

  8. Kimberly Guillfoile said today that it isn’t Joe Biden that is president, it is Kamala whore that is the president.

  9. Obama and Susan Rice are in charge although I suspect that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have a lot to tell him. Could also be the president of the Chinese communist party since Joe is in bed with them and he owes them.

  10. Almost the whole “government” is illegal, and shouldn’t be running anything. The White House needs to be cleaned out, along with some of the Congress. The November Election needs an investigation. We The People need to have the President We elected, along with all the congress We elected. How in the name of comnmon sense did all these racketeers get in there and steal our country. We became lazy, and spineless, Did we expect God to do it for us? I have faith in God. He is My Father. But I have learned this. Father will protect you, help you, save you, work for you. But only if you will also work with and for Him, live by his laws of honor, fight for what is right, and do it with courage, stand up, with fearlessness, fight hard and strong. Father has your back. But He does not like lazy children. He does not serve stuff up on a silver platter. I am asking our leaders to get a backbone, move forward with courage and faith, as did our Forefathers. Make a plan that we can follow. Then when the plan is made, I am asking us to follow, with courage and faith, moving forward, each one doing what they can with what they have. If all they have to offer is prayers, They should be on their knees. If they have wealth, power, or influence, use it to His advantage, to the advantage of America and its people, including yourselves.

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