Report alleges Joe Biden is pushing ‘misinformation’ about Trump’s coronavirus response

President Donald Trump has been harshly criticized by the mainstream media and Democrats across the country for his allegedly less-than-stellar response to the coronavirus pandemic. But according to a new report from the Daily Caller, not everything people are saying about Trump is entirely true.

In an article published Tuesday, the Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson outlined five separate instances of former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign team making false statements about the Trump administration’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Hasson went on to accuse the former vice president of “repeatedly push[ing] misinformation” in what amounts to “political attacks” against the White House.

Uncle Joe’s tall tales

According to Hasson, Biden first echoed claims from former presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg that Trump had slashed the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ahead of the novel coronavirus pandemic. “We increased the budget of the CDC,” Biden said at a Democratic primary debate in late February, according to Hasson. “He’s wiped all that out.”

But according to an Associated Press fact-check cited by Hasson, while Trump had proposed cuts to the CDC budget, those cuts never materialized. In fact, Congress has actually increased the CDC’s budget in recent years, according to the AP, and earlier this month, the Trump administration walked back its proposal to slim down CDC funding, even asking for $100 million to be added to the agency’s funding, The Hill reported.

Moreover, as Hasson notes, during a debate earlier this month between Biden and fellow 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders, the former VP repeated the false claim that the Trump administration had rejected a coronavirus testing kit offered by the World Health Organization (WHO).

But “the WHO never offered to sell test kits to the United States,” Politifact reported in mid-March, according to Hasson. Instead, the CDC has developed its own tests.

Truth over lies?

According to Hasson, “Biden [also] spread the false claim that Trump referred to the virus as a ‘hoax’ at his Feb. 28 campaign rally in South Carolina.” The former VP’s campaign released an ad earlier this month that deceptively edited Trump’s remarks to make it appear that he’d said the coronavirus itself was a “hoax,” when, in fact, the president was referring to the media’s coverage of it.

The campaign also “produced a video falsely accusing Trump of silencing a CDC official who warned the public about coronavirus,” Hasson reported, referring to the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Nancy Messonnier.

“But that wasn’t true at all, as The Washington Post noted in a fact-check,” Hasson wrote.

According to the Post, Messonnier was never silenced or sidelined, and has actually taken part in several press briefings and even been featured in informational videos released by the CDC.

Finally, Hasson pointed to a laughable claim Biden made recently on ABC’s The View:

“I’ve not been criticizing the president, but I’ve been pointing out where there’s disagreement as to how to proceed,” Biden asserted. “The coronavirus is not his fault, but the lack of speed and alacrity with which to respond to it has to move much faster.”

Of course, as Hasson made clear, Biden hasn’t let up on Trump on the campaign trail — about the coronavirus pandemic or otherwise. Unfortunately for Uncle Joe, he doesn’t always seem to get the facts straight.

What ever happened to truth over lies?

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