Joe Biden’s sexual assault accuser pushes back on his talk of ‘decency’

During a press conference last Friday, President Joe Biden said that part of the reason why he sought the presidency was to restore “decency” and “honor” in the nation.

However, a woman who used to work for the president has accused him of sexually assaulting her, and she says that “decency” is something that Biden knows nothing about. 


“When I ran, I said one of the reasons I was running was to … bring back some decency and honor in the way we talk about one another, the way we deal with one another,” Biden told reporters.

The president then called upon his fellow citizens and come together so that they can “restore the soul of America.”

Those comments didn’t go over well with former Senate staff member Tara Reade, who quickly responded on Twitter.

“You sexually assaulted me when I worked as your staffer Joe Biden in 1993 then used your power and resources to silence me,” Reade declared.

“Do NOT EVER speak of decency again,” she continued, adding, “There has never been a proper investigation into your depravity.”

Neighbor breaks silence

Reade made headlines in 2020 when Business Insider published her claim that Biden had digitally penetrated her on Capitol Hill.

A former neighbor of Reade also told the publication that Reade had once recalled the event during a conversation several years later.

What’s more, a woman who Reade asserts was her late mother called into Larry King Live in 1993 and said that her daughter had “problems” while “working for a prominent senator.” The woman said she was from San Luis Obispo, California, where Reade’s mother lived at the time.