Joe Rogan: ‘Everybody knows’ that Biden is ‘out of his mind’

Though the corporate media seems reluctant to genuinely address the issue, it has become obvious to many Americans that President Joe Biden appears to possibly be dealing with some level of decline concerning his cognitive abilities.

Popular UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan can be counted among those who question Biden’s mental state, as he declared during his program this week that “everybody knows [the president is] out of his mind” and that Biden isn’t a “real leader,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“The most tumultuous” period

Rogan’s remarks came during a segment of his popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast on Friday that featured a discussion he had with comedian Iliza Shlesinger — an interview that was prefaced by a thought experiment involving traveling back in time to a particular point in history as an observer of important events or moments.

While Shlesinger chose the “fascinating” 1960s as an era she’d be interested in observing, were such time travel possible, Rogan added: “I bet in the future people will say that about the ’20s, what’s happening right now.

“I think people are going to be talking about all the change that’s happening right here, right now,” he continued. “In the future, they’re gonna be saying it’s one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the country.”

“He’s just barely hanging in there”

Shlesinger agreed with Rogan’s assessment and added that she believes the current era will likely be viewed as a “scary” time by those in the future and that the people living today will come across as “f*****g idiots.”

“Well, we’re unhinged, in a lot of ways,” Rogan replied, “and we’re not anchored down by a real leader. You know, we don’t really have a real leader in this country anymore.

“I mean, you can say Joe Biden is the president, he’s our leader, and you’d be correct on paper but, I mean, everybody knows he’s out of his mind. He’s just barely hanging in there,” he added. The conversation shifted to other topics like “cancel culture” and the prevalence of “fake news” on all sides.

What’s up with the whispering?

While Rogan didn’t point to any specific examples in support of his claim that Biden is “out of his mind” and “just barely hanging in there,” the Examiner noted that Rogan’s remarks came just one day after the president exhibited exceptionally odd behavior during a press conference that immediately went viral across social media.

For no apparent reason, and with no explanation from his handlers or supporters, a wild-eyed and widely grinning Biden suddenly and repeatedly began to lean toward the microphone and speak in a loud and defiant whisper while addressing questions from reporters — behavior that some believe raises questions about the state of the president’s mental health.

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13 Responses

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  5. Creepy, whispering Joey is demonstrating the numerous signs of dementia. Everyone can see that but the dems are afraid to acknowledge it. This is not normal behavior of someone with a sound mind. Someone needs to step in and save him from himself. Where is Mommy Jill? This is elder abuse.

  6. Can’t something be done about these responses? It is maddening!!!

    6 out of 8 responses are about jobs paying astronomical wages probably unethical at best.
    2 responses ae about the story.

  7. Spammers….take your salaries and shove them. You are a pyramid scheme living off the backs of others, and probably not paying taxes.

    As to Joe Biden, I agree with the other commenters, and especially that it is elder abuse. He can be removed by congress under the Constitution. However, if he is removed, we have Harris and Pelosi to follow. We don’t want either of them with full power over the country. It is better to stick with Joe, as he is acting as a buffer. I think the election next year will fix it, if all republicans and independents VOTE, and all red states make sure their election laws are solid and followed. I’m betting even moderate Democrats want Congress fixed to keep Joe and his handlers in check until 2024. Pray for Joe and be patient with his fumbles and bumbles.

  8. Mrs. Joe Biden go away!! You are not the president. Best you take joe with you and go home where you can be his nurse.

  9. Joe Biden is a faild president he doesn’t have what it takes to be the president of these United States of America. I do see him as a puppet on strings. It’s sad but true it’s inbaresing too see him struggle everyday trying his darndest to be that strong statue of a man but he needs to go he’s not a strongman he is weak. He is ruining the country into the ground and inbaresment too all of us.

  10. He who whispers facts usually is using fake numbers to impress. He is off the wall with his antics, but the whispering was to detract from the real numbers he was spewing one point nine seven trillion dollars, for what? For those of you who believe that the middle taxbracket isn’t going to pay, I know of some swamp land in florida that is for sale, could be considered water front.

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