John Fetterman applauded Oregon hard drug decriminalization law

Fox News has reported that Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman supported a 2020 Oregon law that removed criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of hard drugs.

Fetterman: “I applaud Oregon for the step they took”

Fetterman expressed his backing for Measure 110 during a Facebook live session two years ago with Robert Seda-Schreiber of the left-wing Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice.

“I applaud Oregon for the step they took this last election, you know, decriminalizing small amounts of drugs and realizing that you can’t arrest your way out of addiction.”

“And if you criminalize addiction, you have what we have, and that is one of the core tenants of mass incarceration,” Fetterman added.

According to Fox News, the Oregon Health Authority revealed this past July that drug overdoses in the state had “more than doubled between 2019 and 2021.”

A spokesperson for Fetterman’s campaign subsequently issued a statement to Fox News that insisted that the candidate does not favor decriminalization for hard drugs.

John is an outspoken advocate for weed legalization and has always believed we should not be criminalizing addiction, but he does not support decriminalizing all drugs including heroin, methamphetamines and other hard drugs in Pennsylvania,” the statement read.

“John believes we need to make sure we are locking up drug dealers who are pushing and profiting from hard drugs, while making sure that people get real help if they are addicted,” it went on to add.

Fetterman said in 2015 that he favors “across the board” drug decriminalization

However, Breitbart noted that the statement seems to contradict remarks that Fetterman made during a 2015 interview with The Nation.

“I’m pro legalizing marijuana, but I go even further than some of my colleagues because I’m for decriminalizing across the board. I see it as a public-health issue, not a criminal issue,” he said.

Polls show that Fetterman remains locked in a close race against Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has repeatedly accused him of being soft on crime.

“He seems to care more about the criminals than the innocent,” Oz declared during a town hall event last month conducted by Fox News host Sean Hannity.