John Fetterman has two convicted murderers on his campaign

The Democratic party’s candidate in one of the most pivotal Senate races this November, John Fetterman, has two convicted murderers on his payroll.

Republican candidate Dr. Oz is calling on Fetterman to fire Dennis and Lee Horton, who served nearly 30 years in prison for their role in a lethal armed robbery, Breitbart reported.

Fetterman has murderers on payroll

Fetterman claims that Oz’s claim is a “smear” because the men were “wrongfully convicted,” but neither brother has ever been cleared by a court, the Washington Times noted.

The Hortons had their second-degree murder sentences commuted last year by Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor Tom Wolf after Fetterman, the state’s Lt. Governor and chair of the Board of Pardons, pushed for clemency.

In 1993, the Hortons participated in an armed robbery during which a man was killed. When police caught up with the Hortons and a third robber, Robert Leaf, there was a .22 caliber rifle in the backseat of their car.

The brothers insist they had nothing to do with the crime and just happened to pick Leaf, who was a friend of theirs, up after the robbery. But eyewitnesses, including a woman and her child who were both shot, identified the three men as the robbers.

Handwritten police notes that were disclosed after the trial marked down Leaf as the “shooter,” but an appeals court upheld the Hortons’ convictions, since they were active participants in a lethal robbery. In Pennsylvania, accomplices to a felony leading to death can be held liable for second-degree murder.

Smear? Not really

The crime comes with a mandatory life sentence. As it happens, Fetterman has blasted Pennsylvania’s second-degree murder statute as “unfair.”

He says the Hortons are “two of the kindest, hardest working people I know.”

In the meantime, Oz says that Fetterman, who has refused to debate Oz, should fire the men to prove he takes crime seriously.

“If John Fetterman cared about Pennsylvania’s crime problem, he’d prove it by firing the convicted murderers he employs on his campaign,” the Oz campaign said.

While Fetterman seems to think that the criminals are the victims in this scenario, the murder victim’s brother told the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2020 that they “took a human life, and they don’t deserve to be out in society.”