John Fetterman says he’s proud to run on his crime agenda in new video

John Fetterman’s soft-on-crime agenda is coming under scrutiny as Election Day nears, but the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania claims he has nothing to hide.

In a newly released video, Fetterman is seen telling supporters he’s “running on my record on crime,” Breitbart reported.

“I’m actually a Democrat, and I’m running on my record on crime,” Fetterman told supporters during an Oct. 9 stop in Bucks County.

Fetterman’s proud

In other clips featured in the video, shared by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Fetterman calls for the decriminalization of drugs “in general,” ending life without parole, and releasing up to a third of all of the state’s prisoners.

Fetterman, who runs the Board of Pardons, was the only vote to pardon a man convicted of killing a woman with a pair of scissors. Former President Trump highlighted the case in his first attack ad targeting Fetterman.

The race has tightened in recent weeks, as Republican candidate Dr. Oz pressures Fetterman on his health condition following a stroke and his crime record.

Oz’s attacks are clearly making an impact. While claiming to embrace his crime record, Fetterman has retracted his call to “free” all second-degree murderers, and he has accused Oz of “lying” about Fetterman wanting to reduce the state’s prison population by a third.


Jonathan Turcotte, NRSC’s rapid response director, says Fetterman is gaslighting Pennsylvanians.

“He’s lying to Pennsylvanians about his support for radical ideas like releasing 1/3 of the state’s prisoners, decriminalizing drugs ‘across the board’ and ending cash bail,” Turcotte added. “The truth is Fetterman has a dangerous record on crime that includes voting to release violent criminals.”

Fetterman stopped Monday in Philly, where he again accused Oz of lying about his record, which Fetterman defined as “fighting for the innocent and other individuals for a second chance.”

He was joined by two men who were convicted of second-degree murder for their roles in a homicide, Dennis and Lee Horton. Fetterman successfully pardoned the men and hired them to work on his campaign.

Fetterman has committed to just one debate with Dr. Oz on October 25, two weeks before Election Day, at which point early voting will have been well underway.