John Fetterman scrubs support for Black Lives Matter from campaign website

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor and Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has long been vocal about his left-wing views.

Yet as Breitbart noted, Fetterman does hold one position that he has suddenly seemed desperate to hide. 

Support for Black Lives Matter has disappeared from campaign website

The website reported on Wednesday that the “Issues” section of Fetterman’s website has been scrubbed of any reference to Black Lives Matter.

Breitbart linked to an archived version of the website from July 15 which touted his support for the controversial organization.

It at that time read, “Black Lives Matter. John served as mayor of a city that’s more than 80% Black, and has championed the idea that Black lives matter since long before it became a hashtag.”

Fox News also covered the change, which prompted campaign communications director Joe Calvell to provide the network with a statement.

“The one section you seem to be referencing was removed when we updated and greatly expanded our issues page weeks ago,” Calvell was quoted as saying. He added, “Voters deserve to know where we stand, and we’re proud that we spell out our platform clearly on our website.”

Fetterman once pulled a gun on a black jogger

While Fetterman has campaigned as a champion of racial justice, critics have brought up a 2013 incident in which he pulled a gun on an African American jogger he falsely suspected of being involved in a shooting.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz referenced the gun-pulling incident in August when responding to comments Fetterman made during an interview about black voters allegedly not having valid ID.

Fetterman’s attempt to distance himself from Black Lives Matter may be due to the myriad of financial scandals that the group has been associated with.

Earlier this month, Fox News reported that a Black Lives Matter leader had been accused of stealing $10 million for his own personal use. Meanwhile, others associated with the organization have purchased millions of dollars in real estate.