John Fetterman’s wife rages at NBC reporter, dramatically demands ‘consequences’

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, a Democratic Senate candidate who many rightfully believe is nowhere near fit to serve in high office, was recently exposed by an NBC reporter for his inability to carry on something as simple as small talk prior to an interview.

As Red State reported, Gisele Fetterman, the candidate’s wife, had stinging words for the NBC reporter who bravely called it like it is. 

She clearly wasn’t fond of the Dasha Burns’ (the NBC reporter) take that her husband had an extremely difficult time before the interview, and definitely during the interview, as he had to use a closed captioning system.

John Fetterman has claimed that he’s unable to process auditory reception, which he claims makes interviews and debates quite difficult. Critics have said if that’s the case, then he shouldn’t be running for a Senate position.

Raging, hysterical wife

The NBC reporter who exposed Fetterman and was, in rare mainstream media fashion, brave enough to tell the truth, was excoriated by concerned Democrats both in DC and in the media, and clearly, Fetterman’s wife.

Gisele Fetterman not only raged at the reporter, but also foolishly demanded an apology, simple because the reporter did her job.

In the dramatic statement, Gisele, who clearly has her own demons with which to deal, slammed Burns for her accurate reporting.

“It was appalling to the entire disability community,” Gisele Fetterman wrote.

Going further, Gisele actually called for Burns to suffer “consequences” for the interview that exposed how embarrassing it is for her husband, John, to be running for Senate with such dire medical issues.

Boost for Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman’s opponent, is running neck-and-neck in the race to be Pennsylvania’s next senator. Given his medical background, Oz has a unique opportunity to express an authority-level assessment of why Fetterman isn’t qualified to serve in Congress, while avoiding criticism for saying such things without a medical degree to back it up.

In a reasonable world, Oz will easily win this race. We do not need impaired people serving in Congress, at all.