John Kerry spotted walking through Boston airport without a face mask

Former Secretary of State John Kerry was seen without a face mask at Logan International Airport in Boston, in just the latest example of the Democratic party’s private indifference to the arbitrary, cultish nonsense they have forced on the country in the name of public health for the last sixteen months.

The Washington Free Beacon snapped a photo of President Joe Biden’s “climate czar” exercising his privileges as a certified member of America’s corrupt and hypocritical ruling class while sauntering through airport security. 

Kerry goes maskless

Mask virtue signaling has been a craze with Democrats for well over a year now, and it’s one they are not quite ready to give up, although pushing the COVID-19 vaccine on the unwilling appears to be the newest trend.

But Kerry, by dropping the mask, was not only committing an act of partisan betrayal — he was violating an official order from his boss.

In January, President Biden ordered that all airline passengers wear masks under penalty of steep fines. Despite the push to classify unvaccinated Americans as belonging to a second class of untouchables, the order remains in effect for all Americans — everyone, it seems, except for Kerry.

TSA skirted around the controversy, apparently reluctant to contradict or embarrass Kerry anymore than necessary, simply telling the Free Beacon that the order is being enforced on a democratic basis with certainly no exceptions for the powerful and privileged whatsoever.

Kerry is apparently a ghost in the airport’s book as well, as they said they require masks “any time someone is inside the airport or on an aircraft.”

Kerry exercises special privileges

In March, Kerry denounced “malarkey” after an image surfaced of him without a mask on a flight. He said his mask “slipped” for just a moment.

“I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do,” he said, faithfully reciting from the catechism of Dr. Tony Fauci.

To be sure, there is certainly no reason now, with the pandemic subsiding — if there ever was — to force airline passengers to muzzle themselves like cattle.  Kerry should be applauded for availing himself of the liberty of breathing.

The question is, what makes him think that he has that right — and ordinary Americans apparently do not?

Kerry, like many people, doesn’t actually buy into the deranged mask cultism he claims to support publicly. Good for him. Why doesn’t he say so out loud?

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