Johns Hopkins hires disgraced professor who has defended pedophilia to work in center focused on child sexual abuse

A transgender professor who was let go from Old Dominion University last year over concerning comments in defense of pedophiles has now landed a new high-profile job at a prestigious institution where they will be focused on child sexual abuse.

That controversial professor is Allyn Walker, and they will be a postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Breitbart reported.

Controversial hire

Walker, a female-to-male “nonbinary” transgender individual, was placed on leave by ODU in November after controversy erupted over remarks Walker made in an interview in defense of so-called “minor-attracted persons,” or MAPs — a kinder and gentler term for adults who are sexually attracted to children, also known as pedophiles.

That doesn’t matter to JHU’s Moore Center, as it announced via tweet on Thursday: “We are excited to share that Allyn Walker, Ph.D., will be joining the Moore Center as a postdoctoral fellow on May 25.”

Fox News reported that a spokesperson for the Moore Center confirmed the announcement was true and praised Walker as a “leader in the field of perpetration prevention research, which is essential for developing a comprehensive public health approach to addressing child sexual abuse and effective prevention programs.”

The spokesperson added, “Walker’s expertise and qualitative research methodology will enhance and advance the Center’s work.”

Defending pedophiles

According to Breitbart, the controversy over Walker erupted last year following a discussion of their book titled “A Long Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” and their defense of the use of the softer term instead of “pedophiles” to avoid further stigmatization of them, “because I think it’s important to use terminology for groups that members of that group want others to use for them.”

“A lot of people, when they hear the term pedophile, they automatically assume that it means a sex offender, and that isn’t true. And it leads to a lot of misconceptions about attractions toward minors,” Walker had said in that interview. They added that use of MAPs term didn’t necessarily mean that “it’s okay to be attracted to children,” but rather, it “communicates who someone is attracted to doesn’t indicate anything about the morality of that attraction.”

Following a public outcry over those remarks, ODU initially place Walker on leave, which prompted Walker to resign, albeit with a statement insisting that their remarks had been “mischaracterized” by those who had a problem with their “trans identity,” the New York Post reported.

Walker’s commentary was not “mischaracterized,” though, as their defense of pedophiles and efforts to erase the stigma against pedophiles and sexual attraction to children came through clear as can be in the interview and their book.

This is a deeply disturbing development and it will be interesting to see if a renewed public outcry over Walker’s controversial stance on “minor-attracted persons” causes Johns Hopkins University to rethink this particular appointment to its center focused on protecting children from sexual abuse — not excusing actual and potential abusers.

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