Sen. Johnson decries ‘censorship’ by YouTube: ‘This is dangerous’

A U.S. senator is speaking out against censorship after an unbelievable move by Big Tech.

According to Fox News, Republican Ron Johnson (WI) blasted YouTube during an appearance on Fox & Friends Thursday for allegedly removing a video from its platform that showed a doctor’s testimony before the Senate about the effectiveness of a widely available drug in treating COVID-19.

Johnson alleged in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal earlier in the week that the Google-owned company “had ratcheted up censorship to a new level,” Fox News reported.


The doctor at the center of the controversy is Pierre Kory, who Johnson said testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in early December 2020 about the effectiveness of a drug called ivermectin.

In his testimony, Kory highlighted a study out of Argentina that, according to Fox, “showed promising results.” Johnson wrote Tuesday:

[Kory] described a just-published study from Argentina in which about 800 health-care workers received ivermectin and 400 didn’t. Not one of the 800 contracted Covid-19; 58% of the 400 did.

What’s more, the drug is also widely available, as it’s used to treat parasitic diseases, and costs roughly $20, Johnson noted.

“Dr. Kory is part of a world-renowned group of physicians who developed a groundbreaking use of corticosteroids to treat hospitalized Covid patients. His testimony at a May Senate hearing helped doctors rethink treatment protocols and saved lives,” the senator wrote.

“It’s a travesty”

But video of Kory’s talk no longer available on YouTube, Johnson told Fox. “I got notified Jan. 27 that it just wasn’t passing the YouTube censors, so they are going to take it down off of [their] website and they also took it off of Fox News Now’s,” the senator said. “I think it still may be available on some lesser sites with far fewer views but this is dangerous when you have censorship of information.”

Prior to that, the video had amassed millions of views since the Dec. 8 hearing, Johnson asserted.

So why the censorship? In a statement to Fox, YouTube said it enforces its “community guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker and without regard to political viewpoints. In accordance with our COVID-19 misinformation policy, we removed the two videos in question,” the company said, according to a report from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

But Johnson has a different point of view. “Could it be because Remdesivir for example is $3,200 for a treatment and these drugs are about $20 for a treatment?” he asked Thursday, according to Fox.

“Maybe it’s that economic incentive, but it’s a travesty regardless, and [so is] the fact that you have these frontline doctors that are risking their lives, having the courage and compassion to actually treat patients, versus the [National Institutes of Health] guidelines, which basically say go home, isolate yourself, be afraid, do nothing until you get sick enough, and then we’ll try and save your life in the hospital,” the senator added.

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25 Responses

    1. Say your prayers daily for an end to this madness. Ministers need to open their mouths at the pulpit and denounce violations of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I pray daily that the corrupt members of Congress and other agencies, their heathen financiers and supporters, and their corrupt censoring heathen buddies in big media and big tech all suffer ruin and famine for the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…. (Note that “Blessed are the meek who shall inherit the earth…”)

  1. It sounds to me like someone at YouTube is getting a kick back from these expensive treatments and they were pressured into censoring a $20 drug that could help.

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  3. It should be clear by now that essentially all differences between what is for the moment still called the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China have been eliminated. Both are communist police states; the only difference is that Red China has formally been a one-party country for decades while the one-party system is in the process of being established in Red America. In both countries the media are now state-controlled, and anything said or written must be presumed to be propaganda and lies until proven to be propaganda and lies. It must also be presumed that any statement or opinion that deviates from the Xiden-Xi Jinping party line will be censored and deleted. The only way to stop this is to bring down the dictatorship, preferably in both places but starting here. Biden delendum est!

  4. Biden is not my president nor will he ever be he is illegitimate and they/he knows it. God is in control and their day is coming and I feel sorry for them cause they think they won! No way God had the final say!!🙏🙏

  5. We lost a great man Mr Trump , our President who was for the people For the United States of America. Was it fraud in the voting ? I think we know the answer to that. Whats being done ? Are we just to except it ? Or did Biden get to that many citizen’s with his 2000 promise. I feel our country is being sold out from beneife our feet. So many questions so many concern. I cannot believe the disease that has taken over our White House. Sad

    1. Some of us are still staunchly resistant to all the demonrats are trying to do. But our message is having to be shared via alternative means, I think.

    2. Biden himself told us it was fraud before election. He said that he had the most extensive fraud ever set up and then got away with it. I still have the picture of him saying this. I will never refer to Biden as president.

  6. Laferne, You have hit the nail on the head. God will have the final WORD. Biden and company better wake up and open their eyes. Like God’s word says there is one unforgetable sin – Blasphemy. Hey biden and company you are sinners that go to church and still do not repent as to what they are doing. Doesn’t matter what political belief you are (that’s everyones choice), but when you go against God’s word in the end your lose for eternity. Better reflect about it before it’s too late. Better take a closer look at china’s agenda. In the end they will ALL lose. God made the light and the darkness – which do you choose? For me and my family we serve the Lord our God. Thank you

  7. When is congress, the so called REP, going to grow some cojones. Sounds like Nancy is running the show. You REP in congress make me sick to think you are a bunch of Wannabe, with no control, no voice for the American people. You well not be their next term.

  8. It has now been proven that the last election was a fraud ! ! ! Tell me . . . Will BIDEN still be the President . . . If he did not win a legal election ? ? ? Doesn‘t seem legal to me ? ? ?

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