Jonathan Turley rips the left’s ‘impeachment addiction’ as Clarence Thomas is targeted

The Democratic party’s never-ending witch hunts continue to get more ridiculous and abstract by the day. Their latest fixation: impeaching Justice Clarence Thomas over his wife’s view that the 2020 election wasn’t exactly fair.

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley got to the heart of the left’s latest fake controversy in a column ripping their “raging impeachment addiction,” Conservative Brief reported.

Latest impeachment push

Turley, who was a witness in former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment, responded to sloppy arguments from the likes of MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, who claims Justice Thomas should be impeached because his wife was part of Trump’s “coup attempt.”

Ginni Thomas’s alleged nefarious role involved attending President Trump’s entirely peaceful rally on the day of the Capitol riot and sending text messages to Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff, encouraging him to challenge the election results. The horror.

While the left has sought to find something sinister in Thomas’s activism, her texts are “protected political speech,” and the remedies she sought were “the same type of legal and legislative challenges used in the past by Democrats,” Turley wrote.

He noted that former Senator Barbara Boxer, who now supports impeaching Justice Thomas over his wife’s involvement in the “Stop the Steal” movement, once famously sought to block the 2004 presidential election.

The push to impeach Thomas is arbitrary, dangerous, and divorced from “any constitutional or logical foundation,” Turley wrote, adding that the left has been consumed by a “raging impeachment addiction.”

Dems criminalize speech

He noted that Democrats impeached Trump twice and threatened to impeach Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Barr, and others.

In a separate article, Turley expanded on his common-sense view, based in our Constitution, that Ginni Thomas’s election-related activism is “not a crime,” as the left seems to think, but “protected speech.”

“There is no evidence she advocated or participated in violence on that day, which is the purported focus of the [January 6th] committee,” he wrote.

Until a moment ago, it was perfectly fine to question the legitimacy of elections. Democrats worked tirelessly to undermine Trump with the baseless smear that he rose to power through “collusion” with Vladimir Putin. Suddenly, the rules have changed, and it’s a crime — the “Big Lie” — to have doubts.

In America, citizens are supposed to have wide latitude to think and speak freely, even if — especially if — their speech offends the ruling party. Democrats want to change that by framing any challenge to their power as a threat to “democracy” itself. If democracy — real democracy, not the left’s phony version — still exists in any form, Democrats can expect to be chastened for their overreach in November.

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