GOP Rep. Jordan says Dems are pushing ‘giant conspiracy’ about post office to stoke ‘chaos and confusion’

Democratic Party leaders have spent weeks accusing the Trump administration of purposefully sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in an attempt to impact mail-in voting options.

During a congressional hearing on Monday, however, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) unleashed on Democrats for pushing what he deemed a “giant conspiracy.”

A political divide

As Postmaster General Louis DeJoy sat for a lengthy hearing, Jordan accused lawmakers on the other side of the aisle of attempting to sow discord ahead of Election Day.

In video posted to his Twitter feed, the congressman went on to defend DeJoy against harsh criticism of the recent cuts imposed throughout the agency.

Indeed, while the embattled postmaster general received a hostile reception from most of the Democrats who questioned him, Jordan and other Republicans provided a different narrative.

Asserting that Democrats appear to be “out to get” DeJoy, Jordan maintained that there was nothing unusual or suspicious about the changes pursued in the months since the postmaster general took control of the USPS.

Among the issues critics have pointed to as problematic were the reported removal of mail collection boxes and sorting machines.

“We all know what this is about”

While DeJoy declined to engage in Jordan’s partisan commentary, the congressman continued building his case that Democrats were capitalizing on the USPS controversy for their own political gain.

“We all know what this is about,” Jordan said. “This is about these guys wanting chaos and confusion.”

He surmised that Democrats are hoping to obfuscate the election results in hopes that even a loss for presidential nominee Joe Biden on Election Day would not put an end to the campaign.

“I think they know this. I think they know on Election Night president Trump’s gonna win,” Jordan said. “They know on Election Day, the vote count on Election Day, President Trump’s gonna win. And they wanna keep counting.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to claim her party is only interested in ensuring Americans have an opportunity to safely vote during a pandemic. It is worth noting, however, that DeJoy is far from the first Trump appointee to face harsh backlash from the Democratic Party over the past four years.

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