Jim Jordan: ‘In 2023, Leader McCarthy will be Speaker McCarthy’

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) days as House Speaker may be numbered, according to one congressman.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) predicts that Pelosi will be replaced as House Speaker by current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in 2023.

“In 2023, Leader McCarthy will be Speaker McCarthy,” Jordan said during an exclusive interview with Breitbart that took place at the recently-held Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

It’s possible

Of course, a precondition for McCarthy becoming House Speaker is for Republicans to actually win back the House majority in the 2022 midterm elections.

Jordan, during the interview, appeared confident that this will happen. He argued that the way we get there is by highlighting “how ridiculous” the Democrats’ policies are, using “open borders,” “closed schools,” and cancel culture as three examples.

“So highlight all the crazy things they’re doing, and then we’re gonna win it back in two years,” Jordan said.

In the meantime, the congressman from Ohio said that “we’ve just got to hold them off for the next two years.” He added, “That’s not going to be easy. I mean, I think we’ll do it because this is America; Americans rise to the challenge. Deep down, the vast majority of this country still values liberty, still values the First Amendment, and freedom.”

Setting the record straight

Jordan, during the interview, also weighed in on the pro-Trump, anti-Trump split that we have recently seen within the Republican Party. For Jordan, it’s clear that Trump remains the “leader of the conservative movement.”

“I think President Trump’s the leader of the conservative movement,” Jordan said. “He’s the leader of the America First movement. He’s the leader of the Republican Party, and I hope on January 20, 2025, he’s the leader of our country. I think that’s where the American people are. I certainly want that. No president in our lifetime … has done more of what they said they would do than President Trump.”

Jordan went on to note that, unlike most politicians who “say one thing, get there, [and] come up with a bunch of excuses why they can’t do what they told you they were going to do,” President Trump just said “I’m just going to do it,” and he did.

Jordan said: “He cut our taxes. He reduced regulations. He built the wall. He put conservatives on the court. He got out of the Iran deal. He got the embassy in Jerusalem. I mean a host of other — he did it.”

“That’s what people appreciate, and they know it’s real,” Jordan added. “They know it’s not fake. He’s as genuine as the day is long. He is the leader of our party.”

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26 Responses

  1. This guy’s got it all wrong. The last thing we need is a majority in the House. That would mean that the House would be a Republican and would act just like Moscow Mitch does in the Senate. Nothing good could come of that. In fact the most important thing the Democrats can do it try to GAIN A MAJORITY IN THE SENATE and get rid of Moscow Mitch.

    1. U have 2 B insane just like the suppose leader of this nation, were are Ur cares 4 the citizens of the US, you must have been living in another country when get 2 exprees Ur thoughts that way, I can only think U are not a citizen of the US of A, but a complete moron

      1. No, that guy is a contributor to the China CCP. He is insane. With Pelosi in there. We can guarantee that the United States will be totally under a communism rule. She is a power hungry Democrat that abuses her power along with Chuck Schumer. They should be both be impeached for a conspiracy to destroy our Constitution and our Democracy. She talks a good act. But we all know that she is guilty of TREASON.

  2. Jim Jordan is a smart and honest man and some day I hope he will be president of the United States, if Bidumb hasn’t turned it over to China.
    Isn’t there a way we can get that idiot and his side
    kick, Heels Up Harris out of our government, there is no way they actually won the election, getting more votes then obama did when he was elected, that is a lie and the only person who
    might believe he won is joe himself.

    1. Joe himself also told us ahead of election that he had the most extensive fraud ever set up. So how on earth did he get away with this. I still have the picture of him saying just that.

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  4. Only problem I see is that millions of GOP voters said they are done with voting in future elections due to the coup and practically all the GOP didn’t stand behind Trump and then voted to certify the fraud election. I bet even the Georgia senate runoff was fixed by the dems. The courts including the gutless SCOTUS failed to act. Oh, and not to forget the corrupt FBI. So don’t have your hopes up that the GOP will win in 2022. Yeah, the GOP was favored to win in 2018 and didn’t. I’m sure the dems cheated in that one to. The dems are already in process of figuring out how they will cheat in 2022.

  5. Mr Jorden, how is it that you think the Biden regime will end in 2025. Your not in tune Mr Jorden.

  6. In fact Mr Jorden the H.R.1 bill which nobody read, we read it, so far over 350 pages of nothing except cheating to the extreme or you didn’t read that part. As it is the Republicans will never win another election again Mr Jorden. We’re you aware of that Mr Jorden. Or you did not read it either, Mr Jorden

  7. What communist country did you live in Mr Jorden. The great new bill H.R.1 cements communism Mr Jorden. Stand up guy, for what Mr Jorden?

  8. Mr Jorden let Mike and I know when you have finished reading H.R.1 ok Mr Jorden future President of communist American Mr Jorden, Your not getting the whole picture Mr Jorden.

  9. I’d like to know who the he’ll elected pelosi as president. She seems to think she us with her power, so called. She needs to be stopped, immediately.

  10. We are the First Nation on earth to have an insane asylum in the Capitol, and the White House.

  11. I think we should change the national Anthem to something that refers to the occupancy of the White House and the Capital Building. Something like the Mickey Mouse club song. Good let’s do that. I think it will fly.

  12. Oh good, the Republicans need to come up with a cheat sheet, the one you get from the DMV. That should overtake H.R.1 don’t you think? Or is it a little much.

  13. 2022 is to late for the Wicked Witch of the West to be gone. She is all ready being the out of control “person ” . She and her cousin Chuck must be getting plenty of support from the CCP. They have both shown that they do not care about the rule of our laws. They must have been promised a high position in the ruling part. They both need to be impeached for acts of treason.

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