Journalist says Hunter Biden faces a ‘slam dunk’ indictment for tax evasion

The journalist whose reporting on Hunter Biden’s shady business deals brought the scandal to the nation’s attention believes that the president’s son is likely to be indicted.

Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute (GAI) President Peter Schweizer told a Republican Study Committee (RSC) meeting that there is a “slam dunk” case to indict Hunter for tax evasion, Breitbart reported.

“Slam dunk” case to indict Hunter

Hunter’s e-mails show that the Biden family’s money is “fungible” and that the moneymaker, Joe Biden — who apparently shared bank accounts with his son — has benefited financially from Hunter’s influence peddling in China, Schweizer said.

The Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win author pointed to the media’s recent scrutiny of Hunter as a sign that the president’s son could be charged in the near future.

“What seems to be fairly clear at this point, you can notice this with a flurry of news reporting that is occurring, that I would say that the odds are fairly good Hunter Biden is going to be indicted. On which of those charges, I don’t know. I think tax evasion is a slam dunk,” Schweizer said.

But Schweizer predicted that Hunter will plead guilty to tax evasion to protect his father and that Americans will be denied accountability in the end.

“But, here’s the real challenge for the people in this room and for the American people. What is probably going to happen is there’s going to be a deal cut. Hunter Biden is going to cop to some of the charges. He may spend some time in jail. But, he’s going to do that to protect his father.”

Biden family under scrutiny

Hunter has been under investigation for several years for tax fraud, money laundering, and unregistered foreign lobbying. The New York Times recently reported — in an article finally acknowledging that Hunter’s notorious laptop is real, not “Russian disinformation” — that the president’s son paid a $1 million tax bill.

While it is unlikely that the Biden family will be held accountable, Americans should demand more congressional oversight of oligarchs like the Bidens, Schweizer said.

“[Biden is] required to disclose all of his campaign contributors of $200 or more, but his son does multimillion-dollar deals with Chinese state-owned entities where he’s performing no legitimate business purpose. There’s no disclosure requirement.”

“So why not simply require the executive branch and legislative branch members to answer a simple question? Is anybody in your immediate family, meaning adult children, spouse engaged in commercial activities with foreign governments or foreign state-owned enterprises?” he asked.

President Biden continues to deny that he or his son have done anything wrong.

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