Joy Behar claims that Trump was trying to sell classified documents

Fans of The View were brought up to date on host Joy Behar’s latest musings about Donald Trump when the show returned from a hiatus on Tuesday.

Courageously giving voice to what liberal wine ladies with law degrees have all been thinking, Behar speculated that raid at Mar-A-Lago all has to do with the former president trying to sell classified documents.

Behar goes conspiracy mode

Of course, Behar did not provide a single shred of evidence for her wild accusation.

But then again, these are the same people who spent Trump’s entire presidency calling him a Russian agent who had been compromised by a so-called “pee tape.”

“Russian collusion” is ancient history now, but the “spy” smear is sticking as liberals begin to speculate that Trump was keeping classified documents at Mar-A-Lago with the intent to sell them.

Behar said that those wondering why Trump was in possession of government records should “follow the money.” She alleged that Trump is so greedy, he buried his ex-wife Ivana “on his golf course so he could get a tax break.”

“The main thing about it, I’ve been hearing about this for a month now, you say, ‘What is his intention? What was he going to do with those documents?’ You know, always follow the money with Trump,” Behar said.

Are the “walls closing in” this time?

It looks like the Left still can’t decide, after all of these years, whether Trump is a bumbling idiot or a Machiavellian James Bond villain.

But they are confident as ever that he is somehow guilty of some kind of crime, with some even calling for Trump to be promptly executed.

While the nature of the documents Trump was allegedly keeping is not known, he continues to be the target of all manner of innuendo and leaks — even as the government fights with Trump in court to keep the investigation’s details a secret for “national security” reasons.

freshly leaked report in the Washington Post claimed that the feds found information about a foreign country’s nuclear capabilities, weeks after a report in the same newspaper said vaguely that they were searching for nuclear documents.

Trump has blasted the raid as a thuggish, authoritarian attempt to stop him from running for office again as anticipation builds on the left and the right that Joe Biden — who is on a tear blasting half the country as traitors to “democracy” ahead of the midterms — will indict his chief political rival.