Judge allows Arizona election audit to continue over protests of state Democrats

An effort in Arizona to audit the results of November’s presidential election results is moving ahead despite intense legal scrutiny and protests from progressive pundits and politicians.

According to reports, Democrats in the state have thus far been unsuccessful in their attempts to halt the process based on claims that the firm in charge, Cyber Ninjas, cannot be trusted.

A judge shared concerns about voter privacy, but ruled Wednesday that the audit can continue.

“Inexperienced third party”

According to AZFamily.com and the Associated Press, Maricopa County Superior Judge Daniel Martin dismissed a restraining order filed by critics, determining that the plaintiffs had failed to provide compelling evidence of harm.

It was the latest turn in what has become a deeply contentious process. While many Democrats have contested the audit, describing it as a sham attempt to sow doubts about the accuracy of President Joe Biden’s win in the state, Republican proponents insist it will help restore voter confidence.

State Democrats were able to temporarily stop the audit when the party’s only member on the county board of supervisors sued last week, but it resumed when they failed to pay a $1 million bond, as the Washington Examiner reported. The prior judge in the case recused himself and Martin took over.

In their lawsuit, Democrats called Cyber Ninjas an “inexperienced third party with clear bias” on the matter, AZFamily.com said. State senators have contracted with the firm to audit more than 2 million ballots as well as perform a test on voting machines.

“Picking up significantly every day”

The firm released data it has sought to keep private due to concerns about revealing “trade secrets” in response to a ruling on Thursday from the judge. Earlier in the week, Martin expressed concerns about how the audit had been carried out.

“I will share with you all, I am not yet persuaded that there has been a showing that the rights of the voters in Maricopa County are being protected,” he said on Tuesday, according to the Examiner.

A liaison for the audit signaled that the process will be complete prior to a May 14 deadline.

“The first two days were very low counts, but the count is picking up significantly every day,” Ken Bennett told the Arizona Republic. “We’re doing things that will get us to a number of ballots per day that will allow us to be done with the counting by May 14.”

Controversy over the audit reflects a continuation of deep divisions over the issue of voter laws as well as the results of the 2020 presidential race. Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged and many of his supporters have expressed lingering concerns about voter fraud.

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11 Responses

  1. Reporting Truth about Voter Election Fraud, skewed numbers has to be told to save America and what it and the US Constitution are suppose to Stand For. Things have gone do far wrong with the CCP Agendas implemented by power and control false narratives. Count the votes, verify them. Truth is in the real accurate election vote numbers! Veritas

  2. The audit is certainly needed in not just this state but in other states where controversy ensued on election day and after until the votes were all counted.

    So many questions such as how did Trump lose when all the down ballot winners were Republicans ??? ‘

    And so many identified election irregularities, like boarding up windows where the public were trying to observe the vote counting from a great distance .

    Around 200,000 ballots delivered under very suspicious and irregular circumstances from NY to PA …. testified by a contract truck driver for the USPS

    Pristine unfolded ballots observed mixed in with normal folded ballots. An inordinate percentage of ballots that had to be “adjudicated”. A van load of paper ballots that showed up in Detroit counting center around 3 AM to 4 AM on Nov. 4.

    And many many more.

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  4. Isn’t it funny how they tried to convince us that the election didn’t have fraud they plastered it everywhere and basically made it taboo to even talk about election fraud
    Of course we know that racist
    Yeah right

  5. If the Democrats truly believed that the election was without fraud, then they should be leading the charge to prove that fact! Are they? “NO” That alone should alert anyone with half a working brain to recognize that the Democrat Party in trying to cover up the fraud perpetrated upon the American people in the last election!

    The level of cheating and lying by the Democrat Party is DESPICABLE!

  6. Only god knows how many elections have been stolen by the Democrats . Now they are backed into a corner will all their lies coming back at them they figure they have nothing to lose so they are going to push this lie till the very end or until they are all marched out of the Capital building in Handcuffs.

    1. I believe that is what they thought when the march on the capitol was performed. They knew they were guilty and it is the reason for putting a fence around the capitol after the march. They know they are only inches from prison now. The supreme court is helping them.

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  8. Every one of you are absolutely correct I just wanna say without a doubt the democrats should be fighting to the nail to prove that there was no fraud we all know there was. That’s why they aren’t fighting to keep us from finding out all the evil things they have done continued the audits until we have the real president elected by the American people Not the Democrat party.

  9. The Dem’s swear the election was absolutely straight and they won because they fairly got more votes. If that is true what are they afraid of?
    If some body paid me for something I sold for 999 dollars and paid me in small bills I would want them watch me recount it. Even if I sold it to my brother, he would want me count it in front of him. Mistakes happen. The solution is witnessed verification. Hey Dem’s wake up, that is the way honest people do business.

    1. Wait, we are talking about honest people? I thought we were talking about Democrats! My bad.

      Just kidding! I agree with everyone, if the Democrats have nothing to hide…

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