Judge announces release of names tied to Jeffrey Epstein

It has been over three years since finance mogul and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s dead body was discovered in a holding cell at New York City’s Metropolitan Correction Center.

Few details have since emerged about the powerful people that Epstein is said to have surrounded himself with. However, a judge changed that last week.  

In the public’s interest

Judge Loretta A. Preska presides over the Southern District of New York, and according to the Daily Wire, she ordered the release of documents from a 2015 defamation suit filed against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell is a former associate of Epstein who this summer was sentenced to two decades behind bars for her role in helping to traffic underage girls on Epstein’s behalf.

Maxwell was sued by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, someone Maxwell had accused of lying about being sexually abused by her and Epstein.

While documents pertaining to the lawsuit remain sealed, Loretta indicated on Friday that public interest suggests some of the material should be made available.

Gov. Pritzker’s cousin accused

As part of her reasoning, the judge noted that much of the “purportedly sensitive information” they contain was already made public during Maxwell’s criminal trial.

Among the information which could be disclosed is the identity of individuals listed as “John Does” 12, 28, 97, 107, 144, 147, 171, and 183.

The Daily Wire noted that one of the named individuals is billionaire Hyatt Hotel executive Tom Pritzker, a cousin of Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker. The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2019 that Tom Pritzker was one of the individuals that Giuffre made allegations against in her defamation suit.

Meanwhile, The Center Square reported that Gov. Pritzker later addressed questions about his cousin during a press conference.

“First of all, I was unaware if [Thomas Pritzker] knew Jeffrey Epstein at all,” the governor was quoted as saying. “And as you know, I did not, do not. At this moment, I would just say that justice needs to be pursued here.”

“There, of course, are some terrible things that were alleged here that Jeffrey Epstein seems to have done and so I hope that the justice system will pursue the allegations that were made to the fullest extent of the law and make sure the victims get the justice that they deserve.”