Judge Jeanine: Kamala Harris is a ‘fraud,’ only ‘supports women’ when to her political advantage

Judge Jeanine Pirro sounded off on “fraud” Vice President Kamala Harris after she refused to comment on sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Pirro ripped Harris as a cynic who only “supports women” when she finds it politically suitable, the Washington Examiner reported.

Jeanine rips Harris for Cuomo response

Harris ignored a journalist who asked about Cuomo on Wednesday, adopting a similar approach to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Joe Biden, both Democrats who profess to “believe women,” at least when it’s convenient.

Over a dozen women have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, including one who claims he groped her, and he has also come under fire for covering up deaths in nursing homes.

Harris’ response is not altogether surprising to those who already saw her as a cynical phony motivated principally by the pursuit of power.

Pointing out how the media has fawned over Harris and her rise, Pirro called the VP a “fraud, a phony, a woman without a moral core, a regular two-faced, mealy-mouthed politician who swings with the wind.”

“A woman paraded around as a champion for women quick to believe all women, unless it doesn’t work to her political advantage,” Pirro said, recalling that Harris supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a bail fund that ended up contributing to freeing rapists.

Harris, Biden, Pelosi non-committal

This is not the first time Harris has abandoned her so-called principles. Critics note that she claimed to believe women who accused Biden, her now-boss, of touching them inappropriately before she joined Biden’s presidential campaign and forgot all about it.

“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris said at the time.

Of course, Harris also played a prominent role in prosecuting the witch hunt against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 to burnish her “ally” credentials. But like Biden and Pelosi, she has been more non-committal about Cuomo, calling for an investigation to finish before forming conclusions.

“I think the vice president’s view is she believes a woman should be treated with respect. Their voices should be heard. They should tell their story,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Some Democrats have been surprisingly forceful in calling for Cuomo’s resignation, however, including Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the most powerful Democrat in New York other than Cuomo.

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18 Responses

  1. Judge Janine is what a Republican Congressman or woman should be. She is fearless and ferocious. Unlike the spineless idiots in Congress who have not opposed anything Biden has done or will do. They are going to let Biden destroy the 1st and 2nd amendments and flood the country with freeloading illegals. Go get them Judge.

    1. Very well stated and 100% accurate. With few exceptions the republicans are a disgrace. Too busy sniping at their own rather than growing some orbs and go after those destroying our country.

    2. Yes, I like Judge Jeanine very much she says it like it is with no smoothing anything over. She is like Trey Gowdy . I like both of them.

    3. She wants to be President that’s why and Pelosi and Schumer is watching her. She’s all about herself and only her!!!!!

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  3. Her and Biden both are so out of touch with reality as you can see by their response to the border crisis not to mention Poopsi’s pork ridden stimulus bill! If they had to repay the costs of these bills out of their own pockets, there will be a different song sang!
    They have and will ruin America with all this spending that they will be long gone(I hope) when the bills start rolling in and bankrupting America!
    Power is all they care about but the lake of fire is waiting for them!!!!

  4. Way to go Judge! The Dot-head/Jamaican is not only a fraud, she is a total POS hypocrite. I guess she forgot laying up with “Willie” to advance her career. She may have climbed the ladder to the WH with senile China-Joe riding the coat tails of BHO, but she is still an incompetent idiot.

  5. Harris is a complete fraud and will sign on to anything to advance herself. Actually, she doesn’t seem very bright, really worried about her meeting with world leaders!

  6. Harris along with the whole darn Democratic party leaders are out to screw our way of life. The sooner people wake up the better the chances of recovering our system. I can’t understand why it has taken people of our country to realize what we are going to lose, if we don’t fight back and i mean FIGHT.

  7. Important to Pont out wile they destroy our country they will still be living the life of the elites. If you ever read Animal Farm by George Orwell……..the pigs are in charge.

  8. K.Harris and pervert joe hired Antifa and blm! They bailed them out of jails and told them to keep rioting and killing and burning buildings down. Treason charges should be happening.

  9. Harris cannot lead herself out of a wet paper bag, much less lead my Country. She proved just how stupid she really is during the 2020 VP debate. She answered not one question. All she had was her unbelievable laugh, and it’s my turn. She only took 21% of the vote. And the more any media talks about how incompetent the puppet is, that leads us closer to Harris being president of this great Nation. Any media is playing right in the hands of Pelosi to invoke the 25th Admendment.

  10. All Kamaltoe supports are things that provide her a political advantage at the present time which changes in an instant……like all demonrats.

  11. Dislike her as much as Michelle Obama. Both hate America. Love power. She is, in fact, an Obama acolyte. She is not smart, though. Just easy to be walked over like current president which Pelosi will get out of office with the 25th amendment as suggested by another above.

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