Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney should ‘get the hell out’ of the Senate

Mitt Romney’s pandering to the Democratic Party is a pathetic joke — at least, that’s according to Judge Jeanine Pirro.

On her self-titled show Saturday night, the Fox News host gave a blistering monologue in which she called Romney a jealous “loser” who should “get the hell out” of the Senate, The Hill reported. The Utah senator has faced intense backlash from fellow members of the GOP for being the only Republican to vote “guilty” in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial last week.

“Permit me to introduce you to…the first United States senator in American history to vote to convict the president of his own party, Mitt Romney,” Pirro lamented. “The sole and only Republican to vote to convict President Trump. How dare he? How could he? And why would he?”

Romney’s jealousy

Romney voted to convict Trump for “abuse of power” and acquit the president of “obstruction” in Wednesday’s vote, becoming the only senator to break with their party. In a speech before the vote, a choked-up Romney cited his religious faith and “history’s rebuke” as having guided his decision, according to ABC News.

Although Romney’s vote sparked instant backlash from Trump and his allies, many Democrats cynically praised his “courage.” Pirro, for her part, savaged Romney for trying to pander to the “Trump-hating left” and said that he invoked faith to conceal his true, selfish reasons for turning on Trump: envy and bitterness over Trump’s success.

“The truth is, Mitt, you simply despise Donald Trump. Your jealousy of this man is a constant rage burning within you because you can never rise to the heights that he has,” Pirro said. “Because guys like you fold like wusses and you don’t have any selflessness or the ability to think about others, as Donald Trump has thought about making America first.”

The snake who turned on Trump

The Fox host went on to brutally mock Romney over his 2012 election loss to Barack Obama and compared Romney to a snake, noting that Trump supported him in 2012 and again in 2018, when Romney ran for the Senate. Pirro also said that it is Romney, not Trump, who needs to be removed from office, and that voters in Utah may make that happen.

“How about you get the hell out of the United States Senate?” Pirro challenged, according to The Hill. “The people in Utah are furious with you, and your dream of endearing yourself to the Trump-hating left is a joke.”

Polls have shown that support for Romney in Utah dipped through the impeachment saga.

The backlash continues

Many allies of Trump’s, and Trump himself, have said that Romney turned on the president out of envy after failing to win the White House or get a plum post in the Trump administration. Trump briefly considered Romney to be his secretary of State, but the job went to Rex Tillerson, who Trump later replaced with Mike Pompeo.

Since Wednesday’s impeachment vote, the president has slammed Romney continually, including at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he took a jab at Romney for citing faith in his vote. “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong,” Trump said, according to CNBC.

Indeed, Romney may cite his “conscience,” but it was his selfish instincts that got the better of him. No one but his newfound Democrat sycophants is falling for his shtick.

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