NY judge to appoint monitor over Trump Organization financial activity

A New York judge just sided with New York Attorney General Letitia James and ordered an independent monitor to keep watch over the Trump Organization’s financial affairs, the Washington Examiner reported.

That adverse ruling for former President Donald Trump stems from a $250 million civil lawsuit James filed against Trump, his family, and his business empire over alleged fraudulent business activities.

Judge rules against Trump

According to the Examiner, New York Judge Arthur Engoron granted Attorney General James’ request for an independent watchdog to be appointed by the court to monitor and report back on all financial moves by the Trump Organization.

“This court will appoint an independent monitor, to be paid by defendants, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this order,” the judge wrote in his decision. “If the monitor reasonably determines that defendants have violated this order, the monitor shall immediately report that matter to [James], defendants, and this Court.”

AG James celebrated the ruling in a pair of tweets and wrote, “In a major victory, a judge has ruled in our favor and ordered Donald Trump and the Trump Organization to immediately stop engaging in fraudulent business practices. Time and time again, the courts have ruled that Donald Trump cannot evade the law for personal gain.”

She added, “Donald Trump and the Trump Organization cannot move assets to evade liability and an independent monitor will be installed to oversee financial compliance at the Trump Organization. No matter how powerful you are, everyone has to play by the same set of rules.”

Trump lashes out at “biased” judge

In a statement in response to that ruling, former President Trump said, “A puppet judge of the New York Attorney General and other sworn enemies of President Trump and the Republican Party has just issued a ruling never before seen anywhere in America. It is Communism come to our shores.”

“Businesses will be fleeing New York, which they already are, for other states and other countries. Today’s ridiculous ruling by a politically-motivated, hand-picked judge makes it even more vital for courts in both New York and Florida to do the right thing and stop this inquisition,” he added. “We have to fight back against radical tyranny and save our Country!”

Less than a week ago, according to the Associated Press, Trump had sharply criticized Judge Engoron by name in a post to his Truth Social account, and wrote, “His name is Arthur Engoron & he is a vicious, biased, and mean ‘rubber stamp’ for the Communist takeover of the great & prosperous American company that I have built over a long period of years.”

The outlet noted that Trump has a history with this particular judge, as Engoron has previously ruled against him on subpoena challenges, held him in contempt and fined him, and even forced him to sit for a deposition with James’ office.

Trump files counter lawsuit

Meanwhile, Axios reported Wednesday that Trump filed a countersuit in Florida against James that seeks to block her from obtaining records for the trust that holds ownership of the Trump Organization.

The suit accuses James of waging a “war of intimidation and harassment” against him and his family and of launching “a relentless, pernicious, public, and unapologetic crusade against President Trump, a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, with the stated goal of destroying him personally, financially, and politically.”