Judge rejects Arizona GOP’s effort to keep audit records private

Arizona Republicans have been leading an effort to audit the results of November’s presidential election — but they suffered a setback in court this week.

According to reports, a judge ruled against a motion brought by the state Senate that hoped to keep records related to the ongoing audit private.

“So that the public may monitor”

Left-leaning watchdog group American Oversight filed a lawsuit with the intention of forcing the GOP lawmakers to release such records to the public.

In response, the Arizona Senate filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit on the argument that the requested documentation was not subject to the state’s public record laws since they belong to a private company, Florida-based Cyber Ninjas.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael Kemp disagreed with that argument, however, and ruled against the motion on Thursday.

In his decision, Kemp wrote: “The court completely rejects Senate defendants’ argument that since (Cyber Ninjas) and the subvendors are not ‘public bodies’ they are exempt from the (public records law). The core purpose of the public records law is to allow public access to official records and other government information so that the public may monitor the performance of government officials and their employees.”

Accordingly, the judge ruled that “any and all” records with a “substantial nexus” to the election audit must be made public.

Critics take aim at auditors’ methods

The Maricopa County audit has faced widespread criticism in recent months, including claims that Cyber Ninjas is a partisan group in line with former President Donald Trump’s claims that voter fraud and irregularities were a major factor in the election.

President Joe Biden won Arizona by about 10,000 votes, thanks in large part to a 45,000-vote advantage in the state’s largest county.

Amid questions by Trump and others regarding the election’s legitimacy, supporters of the audit hope that it will settle the controversy once and for all. American Oversight, on the other hand, wants to expose all the inner workings of the election review, possibly with the goal of undermining its conclusions.

Critics of the audit specifically want to know how it is being funded. The Arizona Senate revealed that it funded $150,000 of the total cost and additional funding is said to have come from private donors.

It is still unclear when the audit will be completed, with Cyber Ninjas recently announcing that it needs more time to finalize its report.

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12 Responses

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  4. I really understand why the GOP would want to keep the audit a secret. The Dems have fought tooth and nail to stop the audits so there is no hypocrisy here in wanting to keep it secretive. We all know that when the Dems receive the information that they are going to lie and create a bogus narrative to fit their agenda. The real question is: “why have the Dems tried to stop the audits, and now seek to get the audit information.” The answer to this question is that they didn’t want to be exposed for voter fraud because it will show that Trump won by a landslide. It ain’t over yet. So sit back and watch because the Dems can’t do anything about it now.

  5. The Democrats want the information so that they can go after individuals, corporations, companies that donated to the Election Audit. That is the only reason they want the info. So they can put a biased spin on it in the media, etc. So that they will target these supporters of the audit with irs audits, lawsuits, or unfair public scrutiny, possible violence by BLM and ANTIFA. That is all I can see. To make an example of them, to try and discourage other States from going through with it

  6. Election stole, and Fraud must be exposed.
    All several battleground states must also audit!
    How the hell such dudes could be the leaders?
    Where ever they go, people pay no respect! So? HOW?HOW?HOW?????

  7. This whole thing is a complete Fraud, and Liberals are destroying every attempt to get to the Truth. If the Liberals are so sure it was a Legitimate election, then you would think that they would welcome “ALL” Audits across the country to prove it was a valid election. Guess that proves the Liberals know it was rigged or they wouldn’t be fighting so hard against it happening!

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  9. America, you have liars and thieves in your midst – are you going to put up with them ??? If you do, you’re as bad as them !!! What has happened to the truth in things that are relevant – even un-relevant items ??? Are you going to tell me this country is made up of liars and cheats ???

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