Judge shoots down Trump's attempt to delay civil fraud trial

 October 8, 2023

Former President Donald Trump continues to fight on multiple legal fronts, and his team received some unfortunate news last week. 

According to the Associated Press, Trump and his legal team lost a bid to temporarily halt the trial in the New York civil lawsuit case brought against him by New York Democratic activist Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump's lawyers wanted a pause on the trial in order to defend against a pretrial ruling that threatens to strip the former president of his New York business licenses, putting his organization at risk.

While they failed to convince the judge to pause the trial, the judge gave them something to work with, as he ruled Trump could maintain control of his business in the meantime.

"Massive error"

The AP explained what took place prior to the ruling.

Trump’s lawyers had asked the state’s intermediate appellate court to suspend the trial and prevent Judge Arthur Engoron from enforcing a ruling he made last week. Engoron’s decision revoked the Republican presidential frontrunner’s business licenses and puts a court-appointed receiver in charge of his companies.

Trump's lawyers argued that such rulings could make other defendants feel as though their businesses and properties can be seized without even having a chance to defend themselves.

Trump attorney Christopher Kise told the Justice Peter H. Moulton, an appellate judge, that all they want is a fair trial.

"This is a massive error. It is irreparable," Kise said.

Kise added, "We’re not seeking a delay. We’re seeking a fair trial."

James speaks out

AG James, who once vowed to her constituents that she would sue Trump, wasn't thrilled with the decision from the appellate judge giving Trump a chance to hold onto his business while the trial plays out.

"Once again, Donald Trump’s attempts to delay this trial have been rejected," James said in a statement. "Yet another court denied his efforts to evade justice for his years of fraud. But Donald Trump lives in a fantasy world where money grows on trees and facts don’t matter."

For his part, Trump has long contended that the civil lawsuit and the multiple indictments he faces are nothing more than political witch hunts and efforts to disrupt his 2024 presidential campaign.

Only time will tell how the civil trial plays out.

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