Judge stops San Francisco law allowing illegal aliens to vote

The open borders crowd is not going to be happy with this one.

Breitbart News reports that a judge has just struck down a San Francisco, California, law that allowed illegal aliens and other foreign nations to vote in some local elections. 


The law at issue here is a city ordinance that was passed in San Francisco in 2016. Originally known as Prop N, the measure was okayed by San Francisco voters – by a vote of 54% to 46% – during that year’s elections.

The law allows non-citizen voters – including illegal aliens – to vote in some San Francisco elections. It particularly allowed these non-citizens to vote in school board elections.

All that was required for a non-citizen to vote in a school board election was for the individual to be a resident of San Francisco, to be at least 18 years old on election day, and to be the parent, legal guardian, or caregiver of children who live in San Francisco and who are under the age of 19.

The fact that non-citizens were allowed to vote is one thing. Another thing, as Breitbart separately reported, is that San Francisco, by 2018, “spent $6,326 per non-citizen voter— a total of $385,886 for 61 voters—to get them to vote in the school board elections.”

It’s over . . . for now

The ordinance is being challenged in court, and San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer, just last week, ruled that the ordinance is in violation of the constitution of California.

“In sum, San Francisco ordinance 206-21 is contrary to the California Constitution and state statutes and thus cannot stand,” Ulmer wrote in his decision.

It, of course, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The California Constitution states, plain as day, “a United States citizen 18 years of age and resident in this state may vote.”

The only question now is whether the decision will be appealed, and the answer, at least at the moment, is unclear.


San Francisco is one of several cities in America that have allowed non-citizens to vote in some elections. Another one was New York City. But, a judge recently struck down that law as well. Who would have thought that allowing non-citizens to vote would be illegal?

The more serious question, of course, is “how did laws allowing non-citizens to vote get passed in the first place?” It’s absurd – that is, unless you’re a Democrat looking to add to your voting base.

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