Judge throws out effort to recall Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: Report

The Washington Times reported Thursday that a judge had dismissed an effort to oust Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee over what many see as a shoddy response by the Democrat to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of a group called Washingtonians to Recall Inslee first filed a case with the state back in May, the Times said, in hopes of getting the OK to start gathering signatures toward their recall effort, which is similar to one currently ongoing in California to force out Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The group would have needed 1.5 million signatures to move forward in the state of Washington, according to reports.

Crossing the line

Organizers of the movement said on their website that voters in Washington “have had enough of [Inslee’s] criminal actions and his unprecedented grab of tyrannical power.”

“Washington State has been ravaged over the past nine years with bad decisions made by our governor,” they added. “But over the last two years, his actions have crossed the line and become malfeasance, misfeasance, and violation of his oath of office.”

The group went on: “We the people believe in a constitutional representative form of government. This has been washed away by Jay Inslee, who acts more like a foul-tempered king sitting behind his wall than a public servant.”

Newsweek reported when the petition was first filed in May that the group had accused Inslee “of interfering with their right to practice religion, to assemble, to work freely, and to make their own personal medical decisions” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They also accuse Inslee, a Democrat who has been governor since 2013, of unauthorized invocation of emergency powers, bringing in strict restrictions during the pandemic,” Newsweek said.

A quashed effort

The charges ultimately weren’t enough to convince the courts, however. According to The Washington Times, a judge said the group’s allegations were “legally and factually insufficient.”

The group can appeal the decision, but it remains unclear if they will, the Times notes.

In the meantime, Washington voters are still fed up with the way they’ve been treated since COVID-19 first hit U.S. shores last spring. According to an Associated Press report, “Washington was among the first states to implement sweeping restrictions in the early days of the pandemic.”

The AP notes that “Inslee has said the state will fully reopen at the end of June or when 70% of state residents 16 and older have one vaccine dose, whichever comes first.” But that’s much later than dozens of other states, including even California and New York, that have already swung their doors wide open in the wake of COVID-19. If Inslee doesn’t catch up soon, he may find himself face-to-face with yet another push to kick him out of office.

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  6. Anybody that violates the constitution, should be charged wih treason against the United States Of America.

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