Justice Alito accused of leaking SCOTUS decisions, issues full denial

Some six months after the Supreme Court leak regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which still has no suspect, conservative Justice Samuel Alito is being targeted, Politico reports

A former abortion activist accused the justice’s wife of being involved in a 2014 leak.

Alito has vehemently denied the allegations.

“An Ohio woman friendly with the Alitos who was a donor to a Supreme Court-connected nonprofit group and allegedly served as a conduit for the sensitive information has also denied the claim,” Politico added.

What’s going on?

Rev. Rob Schenck, a former hardcore anti-abortion activist on the right that has since disavowed most of his past thinking, managed to get The New York Times to publish his claims that Alito and perhaps his wife was involved in a leak surrounding a 2014 Hobby Lobby case regarding contraceptive use.

Politico reported, “In a letter Schenck sent to Chief Justice John Roberts in July and shared with the Times, Schenck claimed that he became privy to the “status” of the Hobby Lobby case after donors to Schenck’s group, “Faith and Action,” were dinner guests at the Alitos’ home in Alexandria, Va. on one evening in 2014.”

High-profile Democrats have demanded more answers, claiming that such a leak would be akin to “inexcusable Supreme Court loophole in ethics rules.”

They’ve asked Chief Justice Roberts if he’s opened an investigation yet into whether or not Alito was involved in the 2014 leak.


Alito has called the allegations “completely false.”

Others believe Chief Justice Roberts is ultimately responsible for allowing leaks to continue without proper investigation or transparency.