Justice Department appeals special master ruling in Trump FBI raid case

The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed its intent to appeal a ruling granting former President Donald Trump a special master to handle materials seized during the FBI’s raid of his Florida home.

The appeal claims the move would harm the investigation due to the delay involved.

The appeal

“Without a stay, the government and public also will suffer irreparable harm from the undue delay to the criminal investigation,” the appeal noted.

“Any delay poses significant concerns in the context of an investigation into the mishandling of classified records,” it added.

The focus

“In its filing, the Justice Department asks Cannon to exclude all documents with classification markings from any special master review while the government appeals her ruling to the Atlanta-based 11th Circuit Court of Appeals,” Politico reported.

“The filing is the latest volley in a weeks-long legal drama following the FBI’s seizure of records from Mar-a-Lago,” it added.

The appeal asks for a response by Sept. 15. If so, then Americans should know soon whether the appeal will be granted.

The ongoing battle against Trump now focuses on the former president’s efforts to protect himself from a politicized FBI raid that has reduced the nation’s trust in the agency and the government.

Doubling down with an appeal might help the case, but it will only further erode public opinion of the Biden administration and its corruption.