Justice Department cracks down on alleged members of white supremacist gang

President Joe Biden has long decried the disproportionate terror threat he claims is posed by white supremacists in the United States.

This week, his Justice Department apparently put that policy into action with the indictment of 16 alleged members of a white supremacist prison gang based in Florida.

“Murder, violence, kidnapping, robbery”

According to reports, the men are accused of being members of the violent gang, known as Unforgiven, and are facing criminal charges including assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

A press release from the Department of Justice asserted that the gang has been “engaged in acts of murder, violence, kidnapping, robbery, obstruction of justice, and other offenses.”

Furthermore, its members allegedly used “corrupt law enforcement officers and state employees” to smuggle contraband into its members as well as gather sensitive information about individuals facing criminal prosecution.

Authorities say Unforgiven was formed in response to the perceived victimization of white inmates and its members would respond with violence to those who disrespected the gang.

In a 12-count racketeering indictment against the 16 members, they are accused of committing violent crimes to join the gang or increase their status within it.

Defendants include ‘Shrek,’ ‘Scumbag’

The victims of these acts allegedly included primarily members of the rival gang United Aryan Brotherhood, as well as those they considered “race traitors.”

Charges against the defendants, several of whom are known by nicknames such as “Shrek” and “Scumbag,” came after the gang was targeted by the Justice Department’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, which investigate high-level criminal organizations.

One of the defendants, David Howell, is accused of assaulting protesters at a Black Lives Matter protest last June.

A former member of the gang reportedly pleaded guilty on Monday to charges stemming from his participating in the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill. He had been held in prison since January and was released two days after his guilty plea with credit for time served for the misdemeanor charge.

The sweeping arrests coincide with the Biden administration’s effort to convince the American people that white supremacy poses an existential threat to the nation. Meanwhile, some GOP lawmakers allege that suspects in the Jan. 6 riot face stricter penalties than rioters and looters involved in widespread protests last year.

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36 Responses

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  3. For every white color freak with race issues , Grab those BLM color freaks with the same issues , enough of this BS going on here !! They need intense Brain Train programs , how to be cival in a civilized world , to see human beings not colors , be kind , helpful, respectful to all .

    1. When will justice be served regarding BLM and Antifa??? As far as this Supremist gang, if these charges are correct then yes they must not be killing and terrorizing just as the BLM and Antifa groups should be charged for their crimes. The only way our country will truly be the America that was founded is that justice will be practiced for All and and political actions shall be honest, sincere and patriotic. In God We Trust.

  4. So antifa and blm can get away with all they done and are still doing. But all someone has to say is that you are a white supremacist and its game over. Our government is so evil now. If another civil war starts its going to make past civil wars look like a picnic.

    1. Very damn few and then we learn most of them had their charges dropped.
      You get what you ask for or in this election cheated for.
      We can only pray the good lord watches over the United States until we get rid of China joe and the ho camelface.

  5. Biden is incompetent. To save our country Biden must be impeached or plain retire today
    Joe Biden is destroying America.

      1. impeach her also and pelosi, seem no one can impeach her as the speaker of the house, but maybe can , if she was another POS potus or vpotus,

    1. yes IMPEACH biden also, and with a biden impeachment you get a kenyan impostor , a double bagger.

  6. That’s penny ante and I don’t buy it anyway. I do know of other indictments, if you watched poppy Bush’s funeral you saw them delivered. Yep, that’s what was in those secret envelopes.

    I was wondering, this is off-topic and unimportant. If our address won’t be shown, why do they want it? No problem, just curious.

  7. Are you kidding me?

    The DOJ is touting their action non “White Supremecy” by indicting members of a gang whose primary victims were members of the Inited Aryan Brotherhood?

    Nice job of helping the DOJ sell its false narrative of cracking down on the much talked about but ever illusive “White Supremecist threat” when all they did was indict a gang of White guys beefing with another gang of White guys

  8. So Biden, “friend of deceased Dem-WVA KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd” is going after White Supremists”? Gag me with a spoon. He should be going after all those MS-13 members he’s letting come across our border! Nothing but smoke and mirrors to try to keep the heat off of him and his corrupt crime family!

  9. Antifa and BLM denizens are owned and operated by organized Marxists whose sole objective is to continue the coup against the USA as started by one Barack Obama. Once upon a time when Obama’s campaign for President began, I watched a tv interview between Obama and a network tv host whereby he gave emphasis that, “We must disarm”. The first thing all totalitarian despots demand is public disarmament, as it’s a surefire way to seize power over a country and its citizens. The Democrat party has never stopped a disarmament goal since the 1930s and now Biden is carrying the disarmament torch.

  10. BLM and Antifa are terrorists and need to be eradicated from our country. The remaining terrorist loving traitors need to be arrested and then executed for their treason.

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  14. BLM and Antifa sound even worse, so why aren’t they being arrested? Oh, wait! Of course it is because they are black and democrats!

  15. Americans, I hate to say, are cowards to put up with this nonsense !!! America was an institution, now a calamity – WHY ??? Have values of the American way of life fallen so low that this country deserves this approach ??? I personally know of people of color in high places – they worked for it !!! I’ve worked for and with people of color – no problems !!! Why all of a sudden is it a problem ??? Maybe, just maybe, people are to lazy to make their own way in life – it’s their problem, not yours !!!

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