Former Republican Justin Amash opts not to run for re-election

An anti-Trump lawmaker who recently left the Republican Party is calling his congressional career quits.

Breitbart reports that newly christened Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash (MI) has decided not to run for re-election to his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The former member of the GOP has had a rocky relationship with President Donald Trump, and Amash even voted for Trump’s impeachment late last year, Breitbart noted.

Giving up politics

Amash’s re-election campaign raised just $24,200 last quarter, according to Breitbart. The congressman has previously brought in upwards of $1.1 million, and his low numbers first prompted speculation that he would be giving up politics after his current term.

An adviser to Amash, Poppy Nelson, later confirmed the rumors, as Breitbart noted. “He hasn’t been campaigning for any office and doesn’t plan to seek the nomination for any office,” Nelson wrote in an email to The Detroit News.

In a message to his constituents on Twitter, Amash said he loved “representing our community in Congress,” but said he’d made his choice.

“Quitting” the party

Amash’s exit from the political sphere comes after months of contention between himself and members of his former party. After a decade in Congress as a Republican, Amash left the GOP last July, according to Breitbart, citing President Trump’s “misbehavior” and complicity among Republicans in Washington.

According to Reason magazine, Amash’s move made him the first Libertarian member of Congress in U.S. history. But it also brought some harsh words from President Trump.

Vying for the White House?

As The Hill reported, Amash launched an exploratory committee in April to see if he had a chance at running for the U.S. presidency as the Libertarian Party’s nominee, a move that brought him widespread attention. But in May, Amash revealed that he felt he didn’t stand a chance.

“I’ve spent nearly three weeks assessing the race, appearing in media, talking to delegates and donors, watching the Libertarian Party’s convention plan unfold, and gathering feedback from family, friends, and other advisers,” Amash said, according to a separate report from Breitbart. “After much reflection, I’ve concluded that circumstances don’t lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate.”

Amash is just one of several would-be White House hopefuls that President Trump has outlasted. Only time will tell, however, if the Republican commander-in-chief can pull off another victory come Nov. 3.

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