Kamala Harris under renewed fire for accepting donation from Epstein-linked law firm

After presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, political rivals wasted no time launching attacks.

One of the earliest fledgling scandals involves her acceptance of donations last year from a law firm connected to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, as reported by Breitbart.

“No one … is above the law”

Harris has been a vocal advocate for Epstein’s victims, sounding off last year on former U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta for his role in a 2008 plea deal that allowed Epstein to serve a 13-month jail term for abusing underage girls.

Epstein would go on to die in August while behind bars awaiting trial on new sex trafficking charges.

In addition to criticizing Acosta, Harris also took aim at the law firm Kirkland and Ellis, which negotiated the terms of the plea on Epstein’s behalf.

The narrative took an ironic twist, however, with the news that Harris’ husband raised money for her ill-fated presidential bid with the help of six of the firm’s attorneys. Mere hours after the fundraiser, the senator reportedly slammed Kirkland and Ellis as “above the law” and a symbol of preferential treatment for the elite.

“In our democracy, no one — no matter how powerful or well-connected — is above the law,” she said at the time. “Yet Epstein’s deal, secured by his lawyers at Kirkland and Ellis, calls into question the integrity of our legal system and undermines the public’s confidence that justice will be served.”

“She wouldn’t want that support”

She has already addressed allegations of hypocrisy through a statement by a spokesperson, who asserted that the “people involved in that case have not supported her campaign, and she wouldn’t want that support anyway.”

More than a year later, however, the connection is resurfacing as part of an overarching narrative among Republicans that she is a “phony” who is willing to take any political position to advance her career.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Harris “managed to impress a Wall Street set that tends to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal” during her Democratic presidential primary bid.

She is also facing backlash for what critics say are connections with Silicon Valley that should strike voters as too close for comfort.

While supporters of the Biden-Harris ticket are singing the senator’s praises this week, rank-and-file Democrats must decide whether they can actually believe the platitudes that come out of her mouth.

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