Echoing Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris says she expects Russia interference in election

Since losing to President Donald Trump in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has often blamed the election’s outcome on Russian interference.

Now, it appears that Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris had decided to take a page from her playbook. 

Harris goes full Hillary

“We have what happened in 2016, which is foreign interference,” the Washington Examiner quoted Harris as saying during a CNN interview on Sunday.

“We have a president who is trying to convince the American people not to believe in the integrity of our election system and compromise their belief that their vote might actually count,” the California senator went on to allege, adding, “These things are all at play.”

“I am clear that Russia interfered in the election of the president of the United States in 2016,” Harris continued. “I serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

“We have published detailed reports about exactly what we believe happened. And I do believe that there will be foreign interference in the 2020 election and that Russia will be at the front of the line,” she added.

Intelligence report found China and Iran rooting for Biden

While a report earlier this year from the National Counter-Intelligence and Security Center did state that Russia appears to favor a Trump victory, it also warned that China and Iran are working to put former Vice President Joe Biden in the White House.

“Tehran’s motivation to conduct such activities is, in part, driven by a perception that President Trump’s re-election would result in a continuation of U.S. pressure on Iran,” USA Today quoted the document as stating.

Meanwhile, it noted that China has reacted angrily to the Trump administration’s attempt to ban the Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat as well as the imposition of sanctions in retaliation for abuses in Hong Kong.

Curiously, the California senator didn’t appear as eager to bring up those elements of the report’s findings.

Harris also echoed Clinton in accusing Republican lawmakers of passing voter identification rules as a way to prevent Black Americans from showing up at the polls. “In 2013, dozens of states passed laws that were designed to suppress the Black vote, to suppress students from voting, to suppress our Indigenous people from voting,” Harris alleged. “So, we have classic voter suppression.”

Sounds like Harris has decided on her role model.

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