Kamala Harris gives tone-deaf speeches amid Biden administration turmoil

As most of the media was focused last week on the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, it makes sense that the Biden administration would try to focus its own messaging on other topics.

While it makes sense that Biden would want to trumpet the successful passage of another $700 billion spending package that it thinks is going to reduce inflation somehow, Vice President Kamala Harris was focused on something completely different — space exploration and “equity.”

It was unclear whether Harris wanted to be a distraction from the backlash of the FBI raid or was just doing her usual thing, creating word salad that will appease the woke base of the Democrat party.

It seems that Harris gave two different speeches on Friday, and as usual, neither one of them made any sense whatsoever.

More word salad

Her first speech was about equity, a concept that itself makes no logical sense to anyone that knows how to use their brain. Sure, we all want people to have equal opportunities for education, jobs, and other quality of life issues, but to expect everyone to have an equal outcome denies human nature and the tendency not to make an effort if there is no reason to do so because everyone gets the same result.

Harris said in the speech, “Equity as a concept says recognize that everyone has the same capacity, but in order for them to have equal opportunity to reach that capacity, well, we must pay attention to this issue of equity.”

As typical of circular logic word salad, the words meant nothing of any substance.

Space exploration?

On the same day, Harris gave another speech about, of all things, space exploration. How is this topic uppermost in anyone’s mind during the aftermath of an FBI raid and Biden finally passing a spending bill, even if it is a terrible one?

At least President Joe Biden has senility as an excuse for his strange comments and frequent gaffes. What’s Harris’s excuse?

God help us if she ever makes it to the Oval Office.

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