Kamala Harris hides from the press in weeks since being tapped to lead White House border response

Vice President Kamala Harris appears to be missing in action.

After being put in charge of managing the crisis at the southern border by President Joe Biden, Harris has gone 11 days without holding a press conference, Fox News reportsFor a vice president already facing charges of incompetence, hiding from the press on her first signature assignment is nothing short of an indictment on that count.

Biden picks Harris

While Harris has fielded questions from the media, she “has yet to hold a formal news conference” since her tenure as VP began and since Biden tapped her to lead his administration’s response to the border crisis, Fox reports.

Biden’s announcement on that front came late last month.

“It’s our responsibility to deal with [the surge in migration] humanely…and to stop what’s happening,” the president said, according to a White House transcript.

“This increase has been consequential, but the vice president has agreed — among the multiple other things that I have her leading, and I appreciate it — [Harris has] agreed to lead our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept…the returnees, and enhance migration enforcement at their borders,” he added.

“The diplomatic effort”

Since then, however, there have been some mixed messages about exactly what Harris’ role is.

Symone Sanders, Harris’ press secretary, has said that “the president asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic effort, with Mexico and countries in the northern triangle to address the root causes of migration.”

As Breitbart notes, this totally ignores the enforcement aspect of Biden’s request. But it now seems to be the White House’s official position that Harris is simply leading diplomatic efforts to address the “root causes” of immigration — which is to say that she is not working to get the current and ongoing situation under control.

“Just doesn’t care”

It all comes as Republicans including Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey have criticized Biden’s choice of Harris to lead the effort. Soon after his pick was announced, Ducey called Harris “the worst possible choice” for the role, the New York Post reported.

“If President Biden’s intent was to show that he’s taking this issue seriously, he’s really done the exact opposite,” the governor added. “[Biden has] completely trivialized the issue by putting someone in charge who flat out just doesn’t care.”

Adding insult to injury, Biden and Harris have yet to visit the southern border amid the surge in migration there, reports note.

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52 Responses

  1. So what else is new! This illegitmate administration doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of them. They now control ALL institutions in America.

    1. I agree Richard, if it wasn’t for the radical voter fraud, biden and harris would be toast. Pelosi and her radical congress does not care about WE THE PEOPLE.

  2. Politicians in this country can commit any crime they want so long as they are not Republicans. We’ve already been shown that the DOJ and SCOTUS are completely corrupt. We no longer have a government of the people, by the people and certainly not for the people. Is Switzerland the only safe country on this planet?

    1. What we have on our southern border is not an immigration problem as we have very solid laws regarding the legal immigration into our country. What we have is a President and government that is criminally guilty of not enforcing our laws and and is also inviting foriegn nationals to illegally enter our country. This is compounded by the government not providing basic humanitarian treatment of these criminal foriegn nationals until they are sent back across the border they violated. Then further compounded by our government releasing these criminal foriegn nationals into our population without background checks, Covid screaning, a place to live or a job to go to. The criminal and impeachable crimes now being committed by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and our government and agencies are to numerals to outline here, but they are crimes and need to be addressed as crimes and not just brushed off as political rhetoric!

      1. Dead on.
        Now, IF it can be shown that they’re criminally negligent by breaking the laws of the Constitution (which it can), THEN WHY can’t they be tried for treason? Oh, woops– the courts won’t be unbiased… I think our REAL problem is the lack of legal support. I think there’s one way around that…

        1. Our votes do count and they will count. The Fed’s have no jurisdiction over the states voting laws. States must make voting laws secure with voter ID’s. This doesn’t suppress anyone’s vote, it strengths it. With fraudulent voting like we had in 2020 presidential elections, one’s vote is suppressed especially along Republican lines.

    2. No…. Americans must stand up and fight for the freedoms granted by the US Constitution against a tyrant government. I don’t know about Switzerland but American’s must fight and win to keep America free.

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  4. This article — while interesting — MUST be inaccurate. It makes NO mention of her hearing about this and giving her patented uncontrollable, irritating KAMMIE LAUGH in response …

  5. Republicans and Donald J. Trump and Steve Miller started this migration war.

    Now the Democrats have to finish the job of all the dirty work they did.

    1. Than you for your words of “wisdom.” I needed something to laugh about today. Please expound on what you say is truth. All of us are waiting to hear some more stand up comedy.

    2. Boy are you out in “LEFT” field!!!! It was just getting under control with Trump’s policies. Even the President of Mexico had been on board with the success that was occurring. Pres Lopez stated that Biden is responsible for the mess that is happening right now due to Biden -Obama Actions and orders.

    3. Shirley, you are blinded by all the brainwashing, and fairy tales the democrats have messed you up with. If you would use common sense instead of fantasy, you could see the wrong way biden and harris are handling the situation. The whole world knows that the answer to an immigration crisis is WALLS!! I don’t know if you read the Bible or not, but look at how WALLS were a big item in God’s protection around Jerusalem. In the book of Nehemiah, Cyrus, a gentile king, let the Jews go back to Jerusalem, and the first thing they did was to build the wall back up. And Cyrus paid for it.
      Don’t keep believing dumb and dumber. They don’t know how to lead our country. All they do is hand out cash. Don’t fall for their ignorant methods. They have you paid for, and you don’t even see it.

    4. Sorry to disagree but Donald Trump didn’t start this mess at the border. No one should be in the US illegally… No One…. All illegals should be deported.
      Trump strengthened immigration, built the wall for Americans safety and controlled the border. Now we have Biden/Harris Ding/Dong who know nothing nor care anything about the American citizens. All they care about is votes and keeping their cushy $174,000/yr jobs without representing their constituents unless your a big doner…. they are only about money and a tyrant government.

  6. Kamala Harris is a poor choice for Vice President and a worse choice for cleaning the mess our new President Biden made when he INVITED everyone to sponge off of our Taxpayers so he could get their votes. What a bad situation. I cannot see Harris negotiating with the President of Mexico which former President did and it helped quell the situation better than anything anyone ever did, diplomacy. I guess Mexico did not pay off Joe or Hunter so they have no relationship worth anything like China or the Ukraine.

    1. Welcome to the new CSA (Communist States of America) with Heir Biden as stooge and Obama as Dictator in Charge.

  7. That’s what they do best, create problems and then hide. I can’t believe people are so obtuse to put them in office. Goes to show the mentality of voters.

  8. So who gets the blame when the pandemic surges again because of infected illegals swarming into the country?

      1. The blame Trump because there is no one else to blame. Democrats never take blame for their ignorant decisions. They are like kids… always blaming their siblings, relatives, or others. Doesn’t work with me. I know how to sting where it hurts.

    1. Don’t forget about all these illegals that have been/are being released into the U. S. without a job, a place to live (until they start taking OUR houses away from us and giving them to the illegals) and no food. Then we will see a huge increase in drug sales, shoplifting, burglary/robbery and murder so they can get what they need. Innocent people will be the victims!

  9. The root cause is they want to come and get free housing, free medical, free dental, free food, free electric, free gas, free childcare, free computers for their children, free everything that us Americans are paying for. They take jobs that American’s should have but we can’t get them because we don’t speak Spanish, they can barely speak English and some can not and they are hired first. I went into a Jack in the Box and no one there spoke English, I had to show how many fingers for the number of food I wanted to order. Keep them coming Joe and you might just bring back a war…

  10. Kamala Harris, when asked by reporters if she had plans to visit the border, laughed her cackle witch laugh, and said “Not today!” and walked away. Now please tell me that is someone who cares about what is happening? Nope, you can’t! Because she is a soul-less, heartless, failure, that never should have been put in the position of VP. Which as we all know, was in a stolen election! #IWantPresidentTrumpBackNow

  11. Impeach her and biden. They are not protecting america citizens. That is their job. Military should go in and relieve them of their duties. Go in and kick the democrats and rhinos out too. They care about the votes by mexicans. They were voted in by the people of their state to help their people
    Now they just help mexicans.

  12. We the people don’t know how we could stop Biden, Harris, Shumer, Pelosi..!! They all must be Impeached RIGHT NOW….!!! I get sick every day of this corrupt administration.. How can we get them out.. Any Ideas..??

    1. They are starting a new civil war where one bullet at a time is they only law that they will understand. That is why they want gun control now!

  13. The Moron is meant for Shirley. Her and Knee pads Harris will grt along just fine on their knees in the back room of a local tavern right alongside AOC!


    1. They seem not to be able to do it fast enough. What is wrong with them? We had the best country in the world and with-in one month they have destroyed it and we still have 3 3/4 years for them to even make things worse!!!

  15. The president ordered the making of 8 camps of 15,000 bed capacity at
    $775.00 per bed per day. That is $33,945,000,000.00 per year. He has
    no such authority do expend such funds without congressional approval
    by law. It is an impeachanl offence. Write your congressman to initiate a
    bill of impeachment on President Biden for this unconstitutional expenditure.

    It may fail in the congress but the Americsn people will know how extreme
    this President is.

  16. I think Kamala is going to do a great job as the border crisis czar. She will hire Willie Brown to work under her. With a team like that, consider it done.

  17. To Arms
    To Arms
    This was the cry for America in the 1700s to oppose the tyranny of the king. it needs to be the cry for America now against the new tyrants threatening us.
    Worth the price then for freedom.
    Stand and fight.

  18. Heels-Up Harris is probably in Mexico telling the Coyotes/Human traffickers to pick up the pace. The drug smugglers need to ship more drugs into America,

  19. What is the matter with our government. Every way you turn it is pure madness. We have idiots in power and no one is running this country except criminals. I hope and pray that the good Lord steps in and stops the madness.

  20. I have never seen such chaos & craziness going on with these Democrats, everything they touch either has become a heaping pile of crap, a waste of large amounts of money, horrible things at the boarder, no one ever taking any blame for all the corruption they have committed. It is like watching the Keystone cops back in the day only these Democrats are not funny they are vile, evil & sick, to think this is what is running our country! God forbid we have a war will Biden/Harris be hiding under their beds, Pelosi/Schumer drunk, AOC out of the country but saying she was in the middle of this & scared! What lunatics!

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